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Through studying Technology and Design, students have opportunities to understand the potential impact of technology and why it is critical to the world around us.

Technology is not naturally good or bad. Instead, its effects are complex, hard to estimate accurately, and likely to have different values for different people at different times.

Technology and Design is concerned primarily with the design and manufacture of high quality technological products. Every design is influenced by outside factors such as consumer demand, the state of the market, customer expectations and consumer laws.

Studying Technology and Design provides opportunities to tackle and resolve design and technological problems to meet human needs. Essentially, finding better ways to do things, inventing solutions and taking risks.



Mr J Palmer (Head of Department):

Mr M Boyd:
Miss S McCracken:
Mrs R Hutchinson:


Recent Achievements

In 2012 Rowan Griffin was awarded 1st in Northern Ireland in GCE Technology & Design


More recently in 2014 Rainey’s Rocketry Club (an extra curricular club ran by Technology & Design) scooped top spot in N.Ireland in the UKAYRoC competition. The team traveled to England to compete in the National finals where they finished a very respectful fifth place overall.



In November 2015 Rachael Burns was awarded 2nd in Northern Ireland in GCSE Technology & Design
Rachel Burns 2nd GCSE Technology and Design 400


Departmental Ethos

This is closely linked to pupil development and so we strive for the following:

  1. Good staff-relations within the department.
  2. Good staff/pupil relations.
  3. Careful attention to the well being of the pupils
  4. The creation of perceived worth in the subject
  5. Where possible, to make use of skills and knowledge gained in Technology & Design in school clubs and societies
  6. Success in examination results at KS4 and above
  7. To create a high regard for the Department in the local community
  8. Parental interest in their children’s work.

Key Stage 3

Throughout Key Stage 3, pupils are taught in mixed ability classes. In forms 1, 2 & 3, all pupils study Technology and Design. Each year pupils are taught foundation concepts in Resistant Materials, Electronics, CAD / CAD as well as gaining a practical working knowledge in a manufacturing environment.


Pupils follow a two-year course leading to the sitting of GCSE (CCEA) Technology and Design.

We following the Systems and Control: Electronics Option.


Pupils follow a one-year course in lower sixth leading to the sitting of GCE AS (CCEA) Technology and Design and then proceed to GCE A2 (CCEA) Technology and Design in Upper Sixth.

Facilities & Resources

The Department comprises of a Systems room, Planning room and two Manufacturing rooms. Contained within these are 20 PCs and 6 Apple Macs along with numerous pieces of manufacturing equipment. Newly acquired and a huge benefit to Teaching and Learning is a Makerbot 3D printer.