Year 10 Languages Careers Event

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Year 10 pupils at Rainey were inspired today by our visiting speakers from NICILT (QUB), Europe direct and British Airways who, through a variety of activities demonstrated the range of careers options facilitated by the study of more than one foreign language to GCSE level and beyond.
Merci bien! ¡Muchas Gracias! 🇫🇷🇪🇸 Vive les langues étrangères! Viva los idiomas extranjeros!


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European Day of Languages Photo booth 2016 #EDL




Tuesday 27 September 2016 was the Europen Day of Languages. How better to mark the occasion than a fun languages photo booth!

Click here for ebook or below for gallery.


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Beginners’ French lessons with @Castledawsonps1

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On Thursday 16th June, P6 and P7 pupils from Castledawson Primary were invited to the Rainey for some beginners’ French lessons and a French breakfast afterwards! These lessons were planned and delivered by Rainey Year 10 French pupils who had designed the best lessons and resources in one of their class assessments.


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European Day of Languages

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On Wednesday 23rd September, to celebrate European day of languages, three local primary schools (Spires, Holy Family and Magherafelt Primary School) came to the Rainey in order to learn some French.

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BPW Public Speaking Competition

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On Thursday 20th November 2014, three form five pupils took part in the BPW Northern Ireland Public Speaking Competition-Ballymena Heat.  The team was comprised of Courtney Rose Crilly (Chair,) Roseanna Hunter (Speaker) and Amy Parke (Expresser of Thanks.)
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Madrid 2014

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I think that we all can agree that the Madrid Exchange Trip was one of the most amazing experiences we have encountered. We met so many lovely people and will treasure or memories with them forever! On Saturday 19th October, 16 pupils, Mrs Patterson and Mr Graham all met up at the Rainey, all eager and excited to get on with our journey. We said our goodbyes to our family and had a photograph together before we started our descent to Dublin International Airport. As we coped with the 2 hour bus journey, time soon flew in and we arrived in Terminal 2 of the airport. We checked in our baggage and then we had some free time to ourselves.

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European Day of Languages

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Bonjour, Hola, Guten Tag and Buongiorno! European day of languages has been celebrated every year on the 26th of September since 2001 and there are 23 official languages of the European Union and nearly 300 more unofficial languages and it’s hard to believe that there are a staggering 6,500 languages spoken around the globe.

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P7 French workshop

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On the 24th September 2014, RES hosted the first ever French taster course for the P7 pupils from the three local primary schools- Magherafelt Primary, Holy Family and Spires Integrated primary. This was held as part of our European day of languages celebrations. Read the rest of this entry »

Paris Trip 2014

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Day 1 – At 05:15 on Monday 23rd June, we met up at the Rainey to get on a coach which would take us to Dublin airport. We were all very tired but extremely excited about this trip that we had been waiting for all year. Read the rest of this entry »