European Day of Languages

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Bonjour, Hola, Guten Tag and Buongiorno! European day of languages has been celebrated every year on the 26th of September since 2001 and there are 23 official languages of the European Union and nearly 300 more unofficial languages and it’s hard to believe that there are a staggering 6,500 languages spoken around the globe.

This year of course, there were many European themed events such as a fancy dressed competition for the teachers; European themed of course! The year 8’s had a chance to go on a treasure hunt around the school during registration in groups of 3 or 4 and they also made a mnemonic of their name in their French class during the week and there were prizes for the best boy and girl in each class. The year 9’s and year 10’s also did some French quizzes on brands and companies in different languages and they then had to recognize them in English and its very interesting to see how different companies names and logos are spelled in French and Spanish and how many of our well-known brands that are actually based elsewhere in Europe. The year 11’s listen to French and Spanish songs which proved to be a very daunting task as they speak so fast but it was fun to learn more about other cultures. The year 11 double linguist were tasked with putting up the names of the subjects outside the classrooms in French and Spanish and decorating the canteen for the occasion and the canteen was serving a European menu and it was very exciting to sample some European cuisine. At Lunch there was a lot going on, down in the languages corridor there was a Café des Langues with European magazines and games which the pupils could peruse and play and also some French and Spanish music to add to the atmosphere. My favourite part of the whole day was when Mark Henry, Glenn Hughes and I went around wearing billboards and dressed as French and Spanish folk. Many people came up to us and spoke some French or Spanish and it was very impressive to see how much some people knew and they were all were rewarded for the efforts with a sweet or un caramelo.

All in all, it was an excellent day and a lot of fun. Thanks very much to the Modern Languages Department for organizing it all and I am really looking forward to what they have planned for next year. Thanks for have a read at this, and of course: Au Revoir, Adíos, Auf Wiedersehen, Arrivederci and Ciao

Jethro Barclay, Year 12



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