Peer Mentors


A new and exciting peer support and mentoring programme at the Rainey Endowed School!!!! Senior pupils have been trained by ChildLine to offer mentoring support to their peers. Peer support is not about eliminating every problem, because that is impossible, but it is about giving young people a mechanism for effectively dealing with their problems.



We recognise that there are times when it may be easier for young people to talk to someone their own age about difficulties or problems the y are experiencing.

Young people can benefit from the opportunity to talk to a senior pupil during times of change and stress. This provides them with an opportunity to speak to someone in their own peer group who:

  • Shares the same experiences and speaks the same language as them
  • Has great empathy and understanding
  • Shares common issues, hopes and fears
  • Will provide a sense of security and safety
  • Will provide a supportive relationship
  • Will offer opportunities to develop social, personal and academic skills
  • Will present positive role models and positive models of relationships



Senior pupils will be available to offer peer support during morning Registration, Lunch times and other friendship opportunities that may arise.


Senior pupils will visit Year 8 registration rooms and Lunchrooms on a rota basis to build rapport and offer their support.


Senior pupils who are trained mentors will meet with Year 8 pupils and build friendships with the aim of listening to their concerns, providing help with problems and to guide them to achieve their goals.

Please encourage your son or daughter to get actively involved in this exciting new scheme and benefit from supportive friendships and peer guidance.


8A Sarah Henry Robyn Morton Timothy Johnston Caitlin McPeake Rachel Neill David Atkinson
8B Sophie Brown Ellen Campbell Stephen Greer Leanne McKinley Natasha McCready Ryan Doherty
8C Victoria Cousley Annie O’Boyle Jonny Carson Sarah Thomson Sarah McGuckin Jay Sayer
8D Kirsty Duncan Helena Cunningham Sam Hardy Lauren Mulholland Victoria Walls Kelvin Hyndman
9A Rowan Bain Ellen Hamilton Joe Doherty Evangeline Hastings Zoe Crooks Patrick McGowan
9B Lauren Kyle Grace Miller Matthew Kissick Jessica McMillin Polyanne Fullterton Bungay Martin Cudden
9C Megan Reid Charlotte McCallion Stefan Stan Emily Mulholland Orla Murray Aaron Sampson
9D Michael McIvor-New Kathryn Glendinning Ethan Smyth Charlotte McKinlay
10A Pearce McClarnon Cara Brown Ryan Devlin Rachel Curry
10B Adam Thornton Alannah McKeown Matthew Currie Greta Logue
10C Jacob McGookin Rachel Savage David Lennox Abagail Chambers
10D Mark Slane Bethany McClenaghan Paul McErlean Eva Martin


If you would like more information please contact the school.