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Mrs M Hunter (Subject Lead)

Mr C McDonnell (AVP)

Mr N McClements (VP)


Through Geography we learn about the world around us. We study the earth’s landscapes, peoples, places and environment. Geography helps us to understand the processes of the physical features of our planet and be aware of how human interaction shapes and manages these environments.


Learning through geography whether it’s formally in the classroom or experientially through fieldwork, enables our students to gain a more hands on approach to the environment as they prepare to be responsible citizens who manage our world in the future. Our geographers at the Rainey are well equipped in terms of their skills, knowledge and understanding making them highly employable and in demand in the workplace.





Students follow a course in both physical and human geography as listed below:


AS 1: Physical Geography

  • Fluvial Environments
  • Ecosystems
  • Atmosphere

AS 2: Human Geography

  • Population
  • Settlement
  • Development

AS 3: Fieldwork Skills and Techniques in Geography

Fieldwork at AS level includes study of the sand dunes at Portstewart Strand


A2 1: Physical Processes, Landforms and Management

  • Plate Tectonics- Theory and Outcomes
  • Tropical Ecosystems- Nature and Sustainability

A2 2: Processes and Issues in Human Geography

  • Issues in Ethnic Diversity
  • Tourism

A2 3: Decision Making in Geography




In Year 11 and 12 the following topics are covered:


Year 11- Unit 1: Understanding Our Natural World (40%)

Theme A: River Environments

Theme B: Coastal Environments

Theme C: Our Changing Weather and Climate

Theme D: The Restless Earth


Year 12- Unit 2: Living in Our World (40%)

Theme A: Population and Migration

Theme B: Changing Urban Areas

Theme C: Contrasts in World Development

Theme D: Managing Our Environment


Year 12- Unit 3: Fieldwork

Pupils also carry out fieldwork to collect primary data from the River Roe and complete an investigation for this 1-hour paper, accounting for 20% of their grade.



In Key Stage 3 Rainey geographers learn about a variety of topics including Map Skills, Ecosystems, Natural Hazards, Tourism, Population and Migration, Transport, Renewable Energy, Geology and Development. All of these are taught with contemporary links to the world around us.