Area Based Plan Consultation-Revised Autumn 2014

The NEELB has published its Post-Primary Area Plan which includes proposals for the Magherafelt area.

Click here to see a copy of the Plan.

The Proposals for Magherafelt are found on Page 89 and include:

  • Rainey Endowed to continue as an 11-19 grammar school (865 pupils)
  • Magherafelt High School to continue as an 11-19 school (750 pupils)
  • Sperrin Integrated College to continue as an 11-19 school (660 pupils).

Many thanks to all the staff, parents, pupils, former pupils, governors and members of the local community who responded to the original consultation document; the NEELB received over 2100 responses!

Your support is greatly appreciated and has ensured that the Rainey Endowed School will remain as a non-denominational grammar school, committed to meeting the future needs of pupils in the Mid-Ulster area.

Consultation on the Area Based Plan is now finished. Details on the history of the plan are available below:

The North Eastern Education and Library Board has published a consultation document on the future of post primary provision in the central area which encompasses the local council areas of Antrim, Ballymena and Magherafelt.

We note from the Area Plan that Rainey Endowed’s status as an 11-19 Non-denominational Voluntary Grammar School would be removed; this is of great concern to all members of the Rainey community, past and present, as the school’s distinctive identity as a successful grammar school will be lost. It is essential that your voice is heard to ensure that the Rainey continues as a Non Denominational Voluntary Grammar School serving the community of Mid-Ulster.

Below are links to enable pupils, parents, former pupils and members of the community to be involved in the consultation process that will shape the future of the Rainey.

The Rainey Endowed Option 3 can be viewed here.

The red circles indicate where Non-denominational Grammar Schools will remain under the new Area Based Planning Proposals.

If Rainey Endowed School becomes a Bi-lateral school, as proposed by Option 2, there will be NO provision for a Non-denominational Grammar School in the area outlined by the blue shape.