ASHA – Dr Kiran Martin

Dr Kiran Martin, founder of Asha, a charity which gives educational and medical support to the slum dwellers of Delhi, visited the Rainey to speak to pupils about the work of Asha.

 The Raineys links with Asha began with the decision of the 2007 Tercentenary Fundraising Committee’s to donate its proceeds to this charity. Initially, funding was used to establish a resource centre in Kusumpur, one of the many slums of New Delhi. The school intends to maintain its links with this centre through ongoing financial support and visits by school teams, consisting of 12 pupils and 3 members of staff. A cheque for £10,000 was presented to Dr Martin.

The first visit took place in October 2008 and a second one is planned for October 2010. During their visit to Kusumpur , the team of pupils will help to paint the resource  centre, give craft and English lessons to the children and generally familiarise themselves with the invaluable work of Asha.  


In her address to the pupils Dr  Martin spoke of the difference that Asha has made to the lives of many slum dwellers. As well as providing life-saving medical help, Asha gives educational support that has resulted in slum dwellers being admitted to universities for the first time in 2009. Such a revolutionary and inspirational achievement is a testament to the dedication of Dr Martin and her team who work tirelessly to improve the quality of life for the poor in the Delhi slums.