BPW Public Speaking Competition

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On Thursday 20th November 2014, three form five pupils took part in the BPW Northern Ireland Public Speaking Competition-Ballymena Heat.  The team was comprised of Courtney Rose Crilly (Chair,) Roseanna Hunter (Speaker) and Amy Parke (Expresser of Thanks.)
Throughout the evening the main speaker was introduced to a new team and faced the challenge of answering questions put to them by members of the judging panel and pupils from the team who introduced them. Roseanna took to the floor with pupils from Coleraine High School.  Roseanna’s speech entitled “Surgeons are my superheroes-not Celebrities” was entertaining and yet emotive in parts.  This speech outlined how young people today often have poor role models as some celebrities care only about fame and fortune and this can have a negative impact on teenagers who then aspire to be famous for the wrong reasons.  As Roseanna concluded, more girls should be aspiring to become a global leader rather than Queen….of the Jungle!  There is no doubt that Roseanna’s inspiring speech which was delivered with great confidence, made an impact on the audience.
Courtney-Rose and Amy Parke welcomed a speaker from Ballymena Academy.  Courtney-Rose and Amy Parke were both excellent in their roles as Chair and Expresser of Thanks respectively.  Courtney-Rose introduced a speech on the very unique topic “Squash!”  and posed some interesting questions to the speaker from the opposing team, before Amy added some final remarks and thanked the speaker from Ballymena Academy for their humorous arguments on why Squash should be part of the Commonwealth Games.
The standard of all teams on the night was very high with teams participating from Ballymena Academy, Coleraine High School and St. Louis Grammar School.  Although the Rainey team was a strong force, unfortunately the girls did not make it through to the next round.  Ballymena Academy Team One were the deserved winners who will progress to the next stage of the competition.  Nevertheless, our Rainey pupils had an educational and enjoyable evening and Miss McKay would like to congratulate Courtney Rose, Roseanna and Amy for representing the school so well.