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Rainey Kindergarten Hangzhou

In September, 2019, we were delighted to announce the formal opening of Rainey Kindergarten Hangzhou. We seek to offer a bilingual curriculum in Mandarin and in English for pupils aged 3-5 years.   Our state of the art building is the only affiliated Rainey Endowed School-located in Hangzhou, in Zhejiang province.   We offer an…
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Kindergarten 2022

Rainey Kindergarten, Hangzhou continues to flourish. This year saw the first graduation of a K3 class who have now moved on to Primary School. As you can see, daily life in the Kindergarten is packed with fun and learning.

Summer 2022

Rainey Kindergarten, Hangzhou has continued to flourish this year where the children are able to enjoy learning and improve their English skills. This year has seen the Kindergarten grow with an additional class joining their cohort.   The first enrolled class will be saying their ‘farewells’ to Rainey Kindergarten this year and we wish these…
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Open Day April 2021

On 18th April 21, Rainey Kindergarten (RKH) enjoyed an extremely successful official brand launch in Hangzhou, China. The Vice-Consul-General for Northern Ireland from Shanghai gave a virtual speech and another member of the Consulate attended to join in the celebration of this event. It was enjoyed by many local parents and prospective parents and represented…
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Autumn Trip 2020

The children of Rainey Kindergarten Hangzhou really enjoyed their trip to a local museum dedicated to the Liangzhu Culture (the last Neolithic jade culture in the Yangtze River Delta). The children were taken back in time through a realistic forest where models of the Liangzhu people are busy with their daily activities, such as pottery,…
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A Typical Day in Rainey Kindergarten Hangzhou

These pictures show some of the typical activities that the children regularly enjoy in the Kindergarten

Halloween Party 2020

The staff and pupils of Rainey Kindergarten Hangzhou recently enjoyed a Halloween party together.

Mid-Autumn Festival

Rainey Kindergarten Hangzhou continues to thrive. They recently celebrated their Mid-Autumn festival where the children learned how to make moon cakes and lantern crafts. The children also put on a performance which the parents and community really enjoyed! Here are a few pictures to give you a taster of the recent celebration.      …
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Rainey Kindergarten Hangzhou Launch Ceremony

Rainey Kindergarten launch ceremony     The school The school opened in September 2019 and welcomed the first group of pupils, with more due to join in 2020. Extra-Curricular There are also a range of clubs and activities available for the pupils to take part in.