Welcome to the Rainey Library


The library at the Rainey caters to all ages and tastes in reading, offering a wide range of up-to-date fiction, alongside a range of much-loved classics and a selection of relevant, modern non-fiction resources.  A range of graphic novels and Manga books have also been a welcome addition to the library catalogue.


As part of the English curriculum at Key Stage 3, pupils visit the library one period per fortnight when they can engage in independent reading and a variety of library activities to promote a love of reading and enhance their knowledge of how to use a library and its resources, in an effective way.


The library is open at lunchtime and afterschool every day and welcomes all students from Year 8 to Year 14.  Each year, a number of pupils are given the opportunity to apply for a place to train as pupil librarians.  Librarian training is completed by the beginning of October with trainees entering into a two-month probation period, at the end of which, successful pupils are awarded with a certificate and librarian badge.  The pupil librarians assist with the day to day running of the library and preparation for special events and they are a very important part of the school library.  Pupil librarians, alongside the librarian, help to ensure that the library provides a welcoming environment for reading, study and socialising outside class time.


In addition to this, numerous events, are organised through the library for example, National Libraries Week, Book Club, book hunts, quizzes and much, much more.  Students have had the opportunity to take part in the Excelsior Graphic Novel awards and the CBI Book of the Year Awards.  The library also has a number of board games for students to use during their lunchtime.
If you would like to find out more about the librarian training programme or become involved in activities in the library, please speak to Mrs McMullan.



Pupil Librarians receive their certificates



After a two month probation period 22 pupil librarians received their certificates and badges from Mr McCullough at the librarian party. A big thank you to all the new recruits for all their hard work, it is really making a difference.


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Pupil Librarian Award Ceremony #LoveToRead



Congratulations to our 12 newly qualified pupil librarians.

Mr McCullough awarded certificates and badges to those pupils who had taken part in a three week training programme. During this time the pupil librarians were taught about the role of a school library, how to shelve and keep books tidy and how to use the library computer system to enable them to loan out, return and search for books. The training was given by Mrs Drennan, Mrs McMullan and current pupil librarians. All librarians enjoyed a lunchtime party in the library.

The Rainey Library – September update

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Library books now online

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Pupils did you know you can now access the library online through My-School? Simply log into My School, go to view all, hit the tab for online learning and then launch the library app.

The library has also now 100 new books in stock. Come up and check them out!

Look where our reading takes us!

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Have a look at our school library video entry for the World Book Day Award 2016, to see Rainey readers transported!


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School Library Association Nomination @uksla

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Congratulations to Jade Heaney who has been nominated for the School Library Association, Pupil Librarian of the Year 2016.  Our school library team is delighted to support this nomination;

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Pupil librarian awards

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Well done to all those pupils who have now successfully completed their librarian training.  On Tuesday, October 21st, librarians and friends enjoyed celebrating the librarian awards and of course, also enjoyed the accompanying treats!  Read the rest of this entry »

National Poetry Day in the Library

National Poetry Day 117On National Poetry day, Thursday 3rd October, with the Library packed to capacity, our poets who were short listed in the Rainey 300 poetry competition, entertained staff and pupils with their winning words.  The theme for National Poetry Day this year was ‘Water’ and the day promised to flood us with a ‘wave of words’, although for us in the Rainey, in this memorable tercentenary year, with oceans of talent raining down, it proved more a ‘tsunami of stanzas’!     Read the rest of this entry »

Poetry Stars in the Library

On National Poetry Day, Thursday 4th October, ‘Stars’, this year’s theme for Poetry Day, allowed some of our own poetry ‘stars’ to shine!  An attentive audience was entertained with poems from a range of writers, from King David to Spike Milligan!  The poem ‘Schoolitis’ warned against the folly of faked illness on school mornings, while words from Emily Dickinson and the Psalms caused us to ponder spiritual matters.  All were inspired as we listened to the maxims in the immortal lines of Kipling’s poem ‘If’:  ‘If you can keep your head, When all about you are losing theirs, and blaming it on you …’. Read the rest of this entry »