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8am – 4.45pm (Mon – Thur), 8am – 3.45pm (Fri)







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Rainey 300

Welcome to the information page for Rainey 300. We will use this page to keep you updated on what is happening with the 300th Anniversary of the Rainey.

Please fill out our form to provide us with some contact details for you and please assist us by encouraging friends, colleagues and old classmates to do the same or forward their contact details to us at

Calendar of Events

Date Event Details
Saturday 6th September 2013 Golf Day A golf afternoon for former pupils at Killymoon Golf Club, Cookstown
Saturday 28th September 2013 Community Day School open day followed by an informal reception in the Johnston Hall
Saturday 28th September 2013 Tercenterary Book Official launch – details will be available soon to pre-order your copy (Limited quantities being published)
Friday 18th October 50 Shillings And A new Suit Of Clothes A performance being directed by Ashley Fulton and held in the Grand Opera House in Belfast


Celebrate Rainey 300

In 2013 the Rainey Endowed School, Magherafelt will celebrate its 300th Birthday.

The Rainey 300 team have numerous exciting events and activities for everyone to get involved throughout 2013 and join in with pupils – old and new, to celebrate with a Gala Concert, a ‘Past & Present’ Sports Day and a Gala Dinner.  The team also intend to publish a permanent memento in the form of a Rainey Endowed Memoirs book and aspire to leave a lasting legacy with a comprehensive list of contacts and details of Former Pupils.

One objective of the celebrations is to forge much stronger links with past pupils by building a strong database of their details to keep them informed of the activities at the Rainey Endowed and update Rainey 300 about their achievements, or those of their contemporaries. Above all we would ask all Former Pupils to join the’ Former Pupils Association’ and provide full contact details and if possible those of their former classmates so that the Former Pupils Association can keep everyone informed of activities within the School.

One of the main purposes of the events is to identify former pupils who have distinguished themselves Academically ,in Sports and the Arts; as well as those who have made Social and Civic contributions and achievements in Business over the years, record them and celebrate the achievements and excellence of the Rainey and its pupils  If you know of any former pupils who you feel should be recognised throughout any of these areas email us at with further details.

During the Tercentenary year the Rainey will highlight the gratitude owed to the founder of the school – Hugh Rainey, a wealthy merchant in the Magherafelt district . In his Will, Hugh Rainey wrote “that what I have left may not only be for a generation or two, but that it may be for many not yet born “, and so ‘The Rainey’ was founded.  A service of Thanksgiving will be held in 2013 to allow the local community to give their thanks towards the legacy of Hugh Rainey.

So if you are a former or current pupil and would like to get involved in Rainey 300 here’s how –

The Rainey Endowed Book will be published as a permanent souvenir of the Tercentenary and made available for sale during the year from the School, the Former Pupils Association and at many of the planned events.

There will be numerous sporting events featured among the activities such as a Rugby and Hockey Match with pupils past and present held on Friday 12th April 2013 with a Gala Dinner afterwards for invited guests involving pupils, members of School’s Cup teams throughout the years and those who have excelled in the field of sport.

An Open Day at the Rainey will also be held on Saturday 28th September 2013 to allow former pupils to take a step back in time and meet former class members from years gone by.

And finally a gala night will be held in the Grand Opera House, Belfast, on the 18th October 2013. The show “50 Shillings and a New Suit of Clothes” will be directed by Mr Ashley Fulton and will involve former Rainey pupils and some of our current pupils. The performance will include a massed choir, soloists, instrumentalists and scenes from various productions and dramas. This promises to be a spectacular event, drawing on all the rich talent of the Rainey school, past and present. If you or someone you know may be interested in taking part, please complete the online application form available from the school website www.raineyendowed.comand click on the link ‘50 Shillings and a New Suit of Clothes’.

The Rainey 300 Team would like to appeal for as much information as possible to allow Former Pupils to engage much more extensively with the School and for the School to have a record of the fantastic achievements of former pupils of the Rainey Endowed.

For further details

Contact the 300 Team at

Follow us on Twitter – Rainey_300

Add us on Facebook –  Rainey 300

Or alternatively CLICK HERE to provide us with your details to receive up to date Newsletters! 

If you would also like to support the Campaign with Funding/Sponsorship please contact for further information and packages available

Contact Us



79 Rainey Street Magherafelt BT45 5DB


028 7963 2478


028 7963 4545



Office Hours:

08.45 – 16.45 (Mon – Thur), 08.45 – 15.45 (Fri)







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School Audit

Rainey crest clear 210px wide

The Rainey Endowed School carries out a biannual audit of the opinions of parents and pupils in order to enhance the educational provision offered by the school and to inform school development planning.  Parents who attend parent-teacher meetings in school are asked to complete a questionnaire to express their views on the school facilities and provision and pupils have the opportunity to express their views by completing an online survey.  There will be a further audit in May/June 2017. The results of the audit are available by clicking on the relevant link below:

2017 Results


Headmaster’s Evaluation


2015 Results:


Pupil Responses


2013 Results:


School Audit

Pupil Responses

Parental Responses


Downloadable Forms

 Interview Skills Application Form

word-logo Interview Skills Application Form


School Peer Mentor

Interested in applying to be a school Peer Mentor? Download the Application Form, complete all sections, including getting a parental signature.

word-logo Application Form



If you have any queries about any other school policies, please contact the school office.

Peer Mentors


A new and exciting peer support and mentoring programme at the Rainey Endowed School!!!! Senior pupils have been trained by ChildLine to offer mentoring support to their peers. Peer support is not about eliminating every problem, because that is impossible, but it is about giving young people a mechanism for effectively dealing with their problems.



We recognise that there are times when it may be easier for young people to talk to someone their own age about difficulties or problems the y are experiencing.

Young people can benefit from the opportunity to talk to a senior pupil during times of change and stress. This provides them with an opportunity to speak to someone in their own peer group who:

  • Shares the same experiences and speaks the same language as them
  • Has great empathy and understanding
  • Shares common issues, hopes and fears
  • Will provide a sense of security and safety
  • Will provide a supportive relationship
  • Will offer opportunities to develop social, personal and academic skills
  • Will present positive role models and positive models of relationships



Senior pupils will be available to offer peer support during morning Registration, Lunch times and other friendship opportunities that may arise.


Senior pupils will visit Year 8 registration rooms and Lunchrooms on a rota basis to build rapport and offer their support.


Senior pupils who are trained mentors will meet with Year 8 pupils and build friendships with the aim of listening to their concerns, providing help with problems and to guide them to achieve their goals.

Please encourage your son or daughter to get actively involved in this exciting new scheme and benefit from supportive friendships and peer guidance.


8C Sarah Carlisle Kate Hamilton Mark Kissick
8M Matthew Dripps Honor Graham Ellie Stewart
8P Stephen Philips Katie Scott Lesley Shiels
8S Daniel Barfoot Tara Bergeron Zara Glendinning
8W Ellen Henderson Kathryn McClure Catherine Turkington
9C Leah Clements Anna Doole Holly Weir
9P Darcey Harkness Callum McCullough Maeve McHugh
9S Ellen O’Kane Sabrina Pickering Thomas Toner
9W Morgan-Nicole Purvis Marc Scott Charlotte Wilson


If you would like more information please contact the school.



New Pupils’ Information

Everyone starting a new school has questions on their mind.  Here are some questions answered by this year’s Form One.  Please take time and read these.  You’ve probably thought of some of these too.

1. What If I ever get lonely?

You won’t get lonely because with a big school there are loads of pupils to talk to.

(Kilross Primary School)

You won’t!!!!! Everyone is so nice, it’s pretty much impossible to get lonely!!!

(Lissan P.S.)

Don’t worry, there are 100 pupils in your year so there are loads of people for you to find and choose the friend who is right for you.

(Knockloughrim PS)

You won’t get lonely, you will meet new friends and it is very hard to not make friends when there are 100 Form 1 pupils about.

(Spires IPS)

2. What are the teachers like?

The teachers are always there for you if you have a problem, they won’t bite!!

(Holy Trinity P.S)

The teachers are really kind and helpful.

(Bellaghy PS)

The teachers are kind and understanding if you are stuck.

(Castledawson PS)

The teachers are nice and very helpful so if you need any help just go and ask a teacher and they won’t be cross.

(Magherafelt PS)

3. What about mixing with pupils from different religious backgrounds?

The teachers are really nice and help you do your work.

(New Row PS)

It doesn’t make a difference what religion you’re from

(Orritor P.S)

You will always be treated fairly no matter what religion you are, if you are not comfortable about it then talk to someone about it and you’ll be fine.

(Oliver Plunkett PS)

Everyone is treated the same.  It doesn’t matter what religion you are, nobody looks down on you.

(Portglenone PS)

4. Are there any clubs to join after school?

There are plenty of clubs, in fact too much to count, there is rugby, hockey,su,eco club, tennis, cricket and much more.

(Woods PS)


There are loads of clubs to join after school such as hockey, Rugby,  cross country, choir and more.

(Holy Trinity P.S)

Yes, there are loads of clubs to join.  I go to hockey and I love it.

(St. Michael’s PS)

Yes, there are a lot of after school clubs like ICT, rugby and loads more

(Spires IPS)

5. What if I get lost?

If you get lost, don’t panic, everyone gets lost on their first day. You just have to ask a teacher or another student because everyone is very friendly.

(Spires I.P.S)

Just ask the nearest person and they will always help.

(Holy Family P.S)

Just look for a teacher and ask them or find a pupil, whichever one you find will get you there.

(Bellaghy Primary School)

The school isn’t as big as it looks and once you are in it for about a week you will get used to it

6. Suppose no one has ever come from my primary school before?

Don’t worry it doesn’t matter if only you are coming to the Rainey by yourself or if you are coming with 18 people if makes no difference. You will make new friends.

(Moneymore Primary School)

Don’t worry, you won’t be the only one, but you will make lots of new friends.

(Magherafelt PS)

That’s ok it gives you a chance to make some new friends as well as keeping in contact with old friends

(Spires I.P.S)

Don’t worry, it will be a new start and a time to make new and better friends.

(Cookstown PS)

Magherafelt Learning Partnership

The Magherafelt Learning Partnership (MLP) is a learning community of 6 schools; Kilronan Special School, Magherafelt High School, Rainey Endowed School, Sperrin Integrated College, St Mary’s Grammar School and St Pius X College.  The MLP is one of 29 Learning Communities in Northern Ireland.  The purpose of the MLP is to help the mainstream schools meet the Entitlement Framework by 2012/13.

The Entitlement  Framework (EF) is a Department of Education initiative which requires all secondary schools to meet the 24/27 curriculum target by 2012/13.  Schools must be offering a minimum of 24 subjects to Year 11 pupils and a minimum of 27 subjects to Year 13 pupils.  In addition, at least 1/3 of the subjects on offer to a year group must be General and at least 1/3 must be Applied.

A General subject is defined as one in which knowledge; understanding and skills are developed in a subject-specific context.  A General subject should be further defined as one which requires the demonstration of knowledge and understanding mainly through the application of cognitive skills such as analysis, synthesis and evaluation.  General subjects are normally assessed through written and/or oral examinations, although some may require an element of practical demonstration.

An Applied subject is one in which subject knowledge; understanding and skills are developed in relation to a work context.  An Applied subject should be further defined as one which requires the demonstration of knowledge, understanding and skills which are relevant to a particular occupation or general area of employment.  Applied courses are normally assessed through the demonstration of appropriate (practical) skills which may be supported by written and/or oral presentation.

Very few schools can deliver at least 24/27 subjects with at least 1/3 General and 1/3 Applied subjects by themselves hence the need for Learning Communities.  The curriculum of Grammar schools tends to be very heavily weighted in favour of General subjects whereas the curriculum of non-Grammar schools is less so – more Applied subjects on offer.

Each of the 5 mainstream schools in the MLP offers a ‘collaborative’ block of subjects to pupils in the remaining schools.  These ‘collaborative’ blocks (one from each school) are written in agreed time slots, currently periods 3 & 4 on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Pupils are transported from one school to another during break and lunch times by taxi.  Pupils can choose a maximum of one subject from the ‘collaborative’ block of another school.  Currently 5 Year 13 pupils from other schools are studying with Rainey’s own pupils; two pupils from St Pius X College and one from Sperrin Integrated College in Chemistry, one pupil from St Mary’s Grammar School in Spanish and another from St Mary’s Grammar School in Further Mathematics.  Rainey has one pupil who travels to St Pius X College to study Health & Social Care which the Rainey doesn’t offer in its curriculum.

All schools benefit from this ‘collaborative’ arrangement.  In the current academic year of 2009/10,  Year 13 Rainey pupils had access to 5 new subjects; ‘Construction’ and ‘Health & Social Care’ (both offered by St Pius X College), ‘National Award in Engineering’ and ‘Accounts’ (both offered by the Northern Regional College), ‘Government and Politics’ offered by Magherafelt High School.  The consequence of this is that Rainey can now meet the 27 subject criterion and also 1/3 of the subjects are Applied.  The other schools in the partnership benefit in like manner.

Considerable organisation is required.  The Principals Steering Group, chaired by Mr David Lambon, St Mary’s Grammar School, has overall responsibility for coordination and decision making.  The Principals Steering Group is supported by 7 other subgroups:  Coordinators, Careers, Pastoral, Timetablers, ICT, Examination Officers and SENCOs.  The MLP appointed Mr Jackson Frew this year to attend all meetings and coordinate the work of the subgroups.  In addition, Mr Nils Sanderson was appointed as the partnership’s ICT Development Officer.

The MLP is expanding its work on an ongoing basis seeking to provide the best possible educational opportunities for all the young people of the Magherafelt area.

ICT Facilities

All pupils in the school have access to ICT facilities and from Year 8, pupils have timetabled access to the computer suites, either via ICT classes or study periods. A wide range of ICT facilities are offered at Rainey Endowed. Each classroom in the school houses at least 1 computer, a data projector or ActivPanel and access to a printer. A wireless network operates to cover the entire school to allow students and staff to access the c2k network and internet outside of class times and so facilitate independent learning. This network also allows pupils and staff to use their own devices to connect to the network.

  • 5 ICT Suites
  • Apple Music Suite
  • Apple Art Suite
  • Virtual Learning Environment
  • 31 Promethean ActivPanels
  • Allowance for BYOD
  • Whole school coverage for wifi
  • 24/7 access to files via My-School, Google Apps or Office365
  • 24/7 access to pupil information for parents via the Parent App


Computer Suite 1

  • 29 C2K computers
  • Laser Printer
  • Data Projector

Computer Suite 2

  • 32 C2K computers
  • Laser Printer
  • Data Projector and Promethean ActivPanel

Computer Suite 3

  • 31 C2K computers
  • Laser Printer
  • Promethean ActivPanel

Computer Suite 4

  • 29 C2K computers
  • Laser Printer
  • Data Projector

Computer Suite 5

  • 19 C2K computers
  • Laser Printer
  • Promethean ActivPanel

Study Centre

  • 30 C2K computers
  • 10 C2K laptops
  • BYOD supported

Art Suite

  • 18 iMacs
  • Range of graphical software included
  • BYOD supported
  • Promethean ActivPanel

Music Suite

  • 8 iMacs
  • 12 Mac Minis
  • Music Software included
  • BYOD supported
  • Promethean ActivPanel


Heads of School

Head Boy Nathan Hutchinson Head Girl Johanna Causby
Deputy Head Boys     Michael Kelly Deputy Head Girls     Jenna Brown
Caleb Ross Rebekah Semple
Senior Prefects Eli Barclay Senior Prefects Katie McHugh
Samuel Bruce Katie Neill
Ben McCrystal Sophie Stewart
Prefects Jacob Bell Prefects Molly Beattie
Ben Brown Caitlin Bloomfield
James Campbell Anna Clements
Conor Donnelly Erin Coyle
Lewis Francis Ellie Donaldson
Jack Fenton Emer Donnelly
Dawson McCammon Grace Fullerton
Jake McConnell Rosanna Fullerton
Lee McGucken Sarah Goodwin
Taliesin McLaverty Nicola Gordon
Adam Montgomery Maia Heaney
Michael O’Neill Alice Houston
Louis Regan Rachel Lawrence
Cameron Smyth Maya Marron
Hannah Martin
Aimee McClure
Keisha McGovern
Grace Moore
Abbie Morton
Kirsten Paul
Anna Short
Lucy Thomson
Katherine Wilson


School Day



Start Time

End Time

Period 1
Period 2
Period 3
Period 4
Period 5
Period 6



Headmaster Mr  D M McCullough
Deputy Headmaster Mr J Healy (Pastoral Care)
Vice-Principal Mr N McClements (Curriculum)
School Management  Team
Mr J Winters Senior Teacher Head of History (Examinations)
Mr I Francis Senior Teacher Head of Bus Studies (Cover)
Art & Design
Miss S McCracken Mrs R Hutchinson
Mrs W McAlister Mr S Staples Miss L Fulton
Business Studies
Mr I Francis Mrs D McGurk Mrs R Frew
Dr L Peggs Dr H Kane
Ms C McClelland Mrs C Drennan Mrs P Cooke Miss N McKay
Mr C McDonnell Mr N McClements Miss D McIlwrath
Mr J Winters Mrs L Lubwama
Home Economics
Mrs M Watson Mrs C Simpson Mrs K O’Neill-Skelly
Mrs J Knox
Mr D Laughlin. Mr R Henderson Mrs F Ferguson Mr J Healy Mrs K Irwin .
Modern Languages
Mrs C  Patterson Mrs S Crawford Mrs K Megarry Mrs S Service
Mrs L Glenn Mrs N Black  Miss N Given
Mrs K Beggs Mr J Robinson Mrs J Doherty
Physical Education
Mrs C Burns Mr C Simpson Mr C Campbell Mrs J Quigley
Religious Education
Miss C Bingham Mrs D Francis Mrs P Wharry
Mr J Palmer Mr M Boyd


Board of Governors

BOARD OF GOVERNORS 2013-2014   (as at 22.01.14)


Chairman: Mr S Corry- Parents’ Representative


Vice-Chair: Mrs B I Hunter-  Armagh Diocesan Council


Honorary Secretary: Rev T Conway- Presbytery of Tyrone

Mr J Barfoot Co-opted member of the Business Community
Mr J Clayton Department of Education
Rev J A Curry Minister of First Presbyterian Magherafelt
Mrs R Ferson Presbytery of Tyrone
Mrs D Francis Teachers’ Representative
Dr F S Graham St Swithins Select Vestry
Mr D Henry Co-opted member of the Business Community
Mrs A Laker Department of Education
Mrs A Matterson Parents’ Representative
Mr J C Palmer Teachers’ Representative
Miss S Purvis Presbytery of Tyrone
Canon T Scott Rector of St Swithins Magherafelt
Mr J Smyth Presbytery of Tyrone
Mr D M McCullough  Headmaster

Vision Statement

We want our pupils to become:


Successful Learners…who enjoy and understand their own learning and who know what they need to do to make progress and fulfil their potential.


Confident Individuals…who are equipped with the skills to adapt to and cope with an ever changing global society.


Responsible Citizens…who demonstrate a commitment to themselves, friends, family, their local community and the wider world.



  • Provide a relevant, broad and balanced education for each child within the Northern Ireland curriculum.
    Be a caring community centred upon mutual respect, tolerance, resilience and respect for others.
  • Extend our culture of self-evaluation by stimulating a desire to learn, raising aspirations and increasing opportunities and participation.
  • Promote health, well-being, happiness, enjoyment and independence in a safe, secure and caring school, catering for the physical, emotional, spiritual, moral and cultural needs of our pupils.
  • Value and respect everyone, recognise their strengths and differences, encourage them to develop their skills and abilities and have a positive attitude to each and every member of our community.
  • Improve the three – way partnership (parent-pupil-school) to enable our pupils to attain their full potential.
  • Develop leadership and interpersonal skills through language, literacy and communications – the use of ICT to improve/engagement, and learning and teaching, maximise independence.
  • Prepare our pupils for challenges and opportunities of a complex and technologically advanced 21st century society through creativity, innovation and a motivated approach to teaching and learning.