Chemistry at Kilronan

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On Wednesday the 22nd March, five AS Chemistry pupils; Abbie Speers, Pollyanne Fullerton Bungay, Rachel Curry, Rachel Brown, Leanne McKinley , Mrs Short and Dr Peggs visited Kilronan School, Magherafelt, to carry out sensory experiments with the nursery class. We were welcomed at the door by two of the pupils who then escorted us to the classroom where were introduced to the other three pupils within the class.


Mrs Short had previously prepared all the paperwork, equipment and chemicals required for the experiments and this enabled us to effectively carry out the practical activities with the children with ease. We really enjoyed their reactions of awe and excitement as they observed all the colour-filled and tactile practicals. At first the children were shy but once the experiments began they were very eager to get involved, often so enthusiastic that they wanted to complete the experiments all by themselves. The children were not the only ones to get stuck in, as Dr Peggs had a great time playing in both the sand pit and water trough, earning a few giggles from the kids.


Though only there for a short time, we were able to build positive relationships with the children, so when it was time to leave we were all very reluctant to go. It was agreed by all that it was a fantastic and worthwhile experience and we had an incredible time working with the children.