Internal Examination Rules

All pupils: It is your responsibility to:

  1. Fully prepare/revise for your examinations.
  2. Ensure you know your timetable and be in the examination room promptly for the start of each session.
  3. Sit in your allocated seat for the duration of the examinations.
  4. Not to bring food into the examination room. Water may be consumed provided it is in a clear plastic bottle [labels removed].
  5. Use the toilet, if required, before the session begins and not during a revision period or whilst the examination is in progress as this is disruptive to others.
  6. Leave your school bag outside the Sports Hall or in the bag room
  7. NOT bring a mobile phone/smart watch or other electronic device into the examination room.
  8. Place other watches on the table in front of you.
  9. NOT to talk during the examination or communicate with another pupil in any way.
  10. Follow the instructions of the invigilator at all times.
  11. Read carefully and follow the instructions on each examination paper.
  12. To bring with you all necessary equipment for the examination [e.g. black pens/pencils/rubber/ruler/calculator etc.] remembering that pencil cases should be transparent
  13. Use BLACK ball point pen unless the examination requires otherwise.
  14. Use the full time allocated for each examination.
  15. Check you have fully answered all questions if you finish before the end of the exam
  16. Bring revision material for periods when you have no examinations.
  17. Make school aware if you are to be absent for an examination by contacting the school office prior to the examination.

Any form of cheating detected during the examinations will have serious consequences for all those involved. Such acts not only break accepted rules but go against the ethos and values of the Rainey.