Lego League 2014

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On the 2nd December 2014 eight pupils from the Rainey went to the Odyssey Arena in Belfast to compete in the annual First Lego League competition.

There had been a lot of preparation leading up to this competition, we had to build our robot that would compete in the competition and we had to come up with an idea to help pupil’s experience in the classroom.

The first challenge we had was to assemble the tasks that our robot would have to complete. After that was done we set to work on the robot and so robot mark 1 or Bruce was born. He was quickly replaced as the wheels were not very stable and he had a habit of falling over, because of this our next robot, Jeremy, ran on tracks. This added a level of stability but it now meant that the robot was a little slower.


Once we finished this we got to work on solving the challenges by programing the robot to move about the board. We quickly ruled out what challenges we didn’t want to do and which ones we were going to focus on. We also had some help in the matter in the form of our mentor Braj from Schrader electronics. He helped us to design the robot and had many helpful inputs in deciding what challenges to try and how to complete them. Braj helped us to finalise the robot design in the form of Eddie, our final robot that we would go on to use in the competition.


On the other side of the coin we had our project team working busily to design something that could enhance pupils learning experience in the classroom. Finally after a lot of brainstorming we came up with our idea, an app that could pupils could download onto their phones and access at any time. We quickly set to work on constructing some mock-up screenshots of the app but thanks to the efforts of one of our team members we managed to actually build a working version of the app. We spent a lot of time perfecting this app and even got it onto the google play website so that anyone could download it. We had to present this app to a panel of judges on the day of the competition so we made a presentation and made sure that everyone had a part.


On the day of the competition we travelled down to the odyssey with Mr Boyd and met up with Braj. We went inside and got set up at our table and had our core values interview. After that we had our first match, it didn’t go very well as the robot started veering, this caused it to crash into the wall and put off the turns. We went to the practice table and made a few adjustments and then we were ready for our next match. It went better and the robot made all the turns but didn’t manage to boost our score by much. We then went and presented our app the judges and explained our idea. When we got back it was time for our final match, we got our best score of the day but failed to finish anywhere notable ending up 13th, an unlucky number indeed.


Despite our loss, spirits were high as it had been a great experience overall and allowed us to come together as a team. Better luck to next year’s team.


The 2014 Lego League Team