Vision Statement

Vision Statement

We want our pupils to become:


Successful Learners…who enjoy and understand their own learning and who know what they need to do to make progress and fulfil their potential.


Confident Individuals…who are equipped with the skills to adapt to and cope with an ever changing global society.


Responsible Citizens…who demonstrate a commitment to themselves, friends, family, their local community and the wider world.



  • Provide a relevant, broad and balanced education for each child within the Northern Ireland curriculum.
    Be a caring community centred upon mutual respect, tolerance, resilience and respect for others.
  • Extend our culture of self-evaluation by stimulating a desire to learn, raising aspirations and increasing opportunities and participation.
  • Promote health, well-being, happiness, enjoyment and independence in a safe, secure and caring school, catering for the physical, emotional, spiritual, moral and cultural needs of our pupils.
  • Value and respect everyone, recognise their strengths and differences, encourage them to develop their skills and abilities and have a positive attitude to each and every member of our community.
  • Improve the three – way partnership (parent-pupil-school) to enable our pupils to attain their full potential.
  • Develop leadership and interpersonal skills through language, literacy and communications – the use of ICT to improve/engagement, and learning and teaching, maximise independence.
  • Prepare our pupils for challenges and opportunities of a complex and technologically advanced 21st century society through creativity, innovation and a motivated approach to teaching and learning.