New Pupils’ Information

Everyone starting a new school has questions on their mind.  Here are some questions answered by this year’s Form One.  Please take time and read these.  You’ve probably thought of some of these too.

1. What If I ever get lonely?

You won’t get lonely because with a big school there are loads of pupils to talk to.

(Kilross Primary School)

You won’t!!!!! Everyone is so nice, it’s pretty much impossible to get lonely!!!

(Lissan P.S.)

Don’t worry, there are 100 pupils in your year so there are loads of people for you to find and choose the friend who is right for you.

(Knockloughrim PS)

You won’t get lonely, you will meet new friends and it is very hard to not make friends when there are 100 Form 1 pupils about.

(Spires IPS)

2. What are the teachers like?

The teachers are always there for you if you have a problem, they won’t bite!!

(Holy Trinity P.S)

The teachers are really kind and helpful.

(Bellaghy PS)

The teachers are kind and understanding if you are stuck.

(Castledawson PS)

The teachers are nice and very helpful so if you need any help just go and ask a teacher and they won’t be cross.

(Magherafelt PS)

3. What about mixing with pupils from different religious backgrounds?

The teachers are really nice and help you do your work.

(New Row PS)

It doesn’t make a difference what religion you’re from

(Orritor P.S)

You will always be treated fairly no matter what religion you are, if you are not comfortable about it then talk to someone about it and you’ll be fine.

(Oliver Plunkett PS)

Everyone is treated the same.  It doesn’t matter what religion you are, nobody looks down on you.

(Portglenone PS)

4. Are there any clubs to join after school?

There are plenty of clubs, in fact too much to count, there is rugby, hockey,su,eco club, tennis, cricket and much more.

(Woods PS)


There are loads of clubs to join after school such as hockey, Rugby,  cross country, choir and more.

(Holy Trinity P.S)

Yes, there are loads of clubs to join.  I go to hockey and I love it.

(St. Michael’s PS)

Yes, there are a lot of after school clubs like ICT, rugby and loads more

(Spires IPS)

5. What if I get lost?

If you get lost, don’t panic, everyone gets lost on their first day. You just have to ask a teacher or another student because everyone is very friendly.

(Spires I.P.S)

Just ask the nearest person and they will always help.

(Holy Family P.S)

Just look for a teacher and ask them or find a pupil, whichever one you find will get you there.

(Bellaghy Primary School)

The school isn’t as big as it looks and once you are in it for about a week you will get used to it

6. Suppose no one has ever come from my primary school before?

Don’t worry it doesn’t matter if only you are coming to the Rainey by yourself or if you are coming with 18 people if makes no difference. You will make new friends.

(Moneymore Primary School)

Don’t worry, you won’t be the only one, but you will make lots of new friends.

(Magherafelt PS)

That’s ok it gives you a chance to make some new friends as well as keeping in contact with old friends

(Spires I.P.S)

Don’t worry, it will be a new start and a time to make new and better friends.

(Cookstown PS)