Rainey Endowed School operates a Cashless Catering System.  Each pupil is required to have a Bio-Metric image taken of one or more fingers. The image stored does not contain a fingerprint but a string of data.  A PIN number will also be supplied as a backup for the small percentage of pupils whose image cannot be created, the PIN number should be stored safely by the pupil (possibly in their homework diary).  The Cashless Catering system features a self-service Kiosk (cash machine) where the pupil will be able to enter notes and coins and have the corresponding value added to their account.  When the pupils pay for their food at the point of sale, the total amount will be calculated and deducted from the value previously credited to their account.  It will be necessary for the pupil to identify themselves using the Bio-Metric reader or PIN Pad at the Point of Sale in order that values can be deducted for sale items as required.  To avoid misuse of the PIN number at the tills the pupil’s photograph will appear once the PIN number is entered, thereby identifying the pupil.


Pupils entitled to free school meals will have their account credited on a daily basis.  Additional credits can be added by the pupil using the new cash machines for purchase of additional items.


There is a facility to request an activity report on your child’s account, which provides details of money credited and transactions made.  This is a service that will be provided on special request only, where you have concerns and would like to monitor the movement on the account. A completed ‘Request for an Activity Report’ form for this purpose is required.


If you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact the School Office.