Pastoral Structure

The pastoral system aims to prepare pupils to be successful, confident and responsible members of society, and to foster an atmosphere in which each member of the community feels valued and respected. We seek to develop pupils’ self-esteem and ability to form positive relationships with others through the work of the pastoral team in each year group.

The Rainey places great emphasis on the Pastoral Care element of our work which we see as being at the heart of everything we do.

Our Pastoral Structure has been designed to ensure that pupils will always have access to individual attention or individual support. Each year group is assigned a number of staff with specific pastoral responsibilities for that year group: it has a Head of Year and classes in the year group have assigned to them a form teacher to look after them on a day-to-day basis.

Role Of Head Of Year

The Head of Year manages a team of Form Tutors who play a key role in supporting and advising pupils on a daily basis. The Year Head is in daily charge of the year group in much the same way as a Principal in a smaller school. The Head of Year co-ordinates the daily work and activities of the year group and deals with any problems which might arise.

Specifically, the Head of Year is responsible for pupil progress: for encouraging effective learning by each individual pupil in the year group and for the regular monitoring, review and evaluation of pupil learning. Related to this, the Head of Year takes a leadership role in curriculum development and is responsible for dealing with any behavioural issues which might arise, as these can be a hindrance to effective teaching and learning.

Personal Social and Health Education is delivered by the pastoral team, and through external speakers and special events when the Pastoral Team feel that such external assistance is important.

Role Of Tutor

As already mentioned, each class has a tutor who meets the class at the start of each school day. The tutor monitors the attendance, punctuality, progress, standards of uniform and behaviour of the pupils in their class. They also have an important mentoring role with the pupils in their care as well as a role in target-setting, review and evaluation of pupil progress.

Specifically, the tutor check absentee notes and inspect the student planners and checks the homework which members of the class are due to hand in each day. They check that each pupil is wearing the correct uniform and that he is properly equipped for class.

Together with the Head of Year, the tutors have an important role in encouraging effective learning and in fostering good class spirit and mutually respectful relationships.

Role Of Subject Teacher

Given that we see the process of education as being essentially pastoral, the subject teacher – the person directly involved in the delivery of high quality classroom teaching and learning – has an important pastoral role.

It is the duty of the subject teacher to create a stimulating and supportive learning environment for the pupils, to foster good relationships in the classroom and to promote positive behaviour based on mutual respect. In these circumstances effective teaching and learning will prosper.

Pastoral Staff

The Head of Pastoral Care is Mr C Simpson.

Year Heads

Year 8 Mrs S Service Mr M Boyd
Year 9 Mr Robinson
Year 10 Mrs J Quigley
Year 11 Mrs C Simpson
Year 12 Mr R Henderson
Year 13 Mrs Thorogood
Year 14 Mr C Campbell


Year 8
Mrs McMullan 8C
Mrs Dunlop 8M
Mrs Stewart 8P
Miss McKay 8S
Mr Staples 8W
Year 9
Mrs Watson 9C
Mrs McAlister 9P
Mr Palmer 9S
Mrs Parke 9W
Year 10
Miss McCracken 10A
Mrs Ferguson 10B
Mrs Patterson 10C
Miss Perkins/Mrs Francis 10D
Year 11
Mrs Lubwama 11A
Miss Alexander/Mrs Francis 11B
Miss Murphy 11C
Mrs McGurk 11D
Year 12
Dr Peggs 12A
Miss Darragh 12B
Mrs Cooke 12C
Mrs Drennan 12D
Year 13
Miss Badger 13A
Miss Bingham 13B
Mrs Glenn 13C
Mrs Hunter 13D
Year 14
Mr Laughlin 14A
Mrs Beggs 14B
Mrs Hutchinson/Mrs Irwin 14C
Dr Kyle 14D