Rainey Kindergarten-2023

Rainey Kindergarten, Hangzhou continues to flourish; this year has seen the Kindergarten grow with an additional class joining the cohort, amounting to approximately one hundred enrolled students. Each class is taught by four teachers, including two who speak in English.

The first enrolled 2019 class said their ‘farewells’ to Rainey Kindergarten in the summer of 2022 and we wish these children all the very best for their future success. We are confident that they will move into the next chapter of their lives with the excellent foundations and values they have built and developed during their time in Rainey Kindergarten.

In order to strengthen the links between our school and the Kindergarten, some of our Year 8 pupils created a video to send to the children in China explaining to them what a typical day is like here in Rainey in Northern Ireland. Through their RES classes with Mrs Ireland, our pupils enjoyed getting an insight into life in the Kindergarten and the children in Hangzhou were thrilled to see around the red brick walls of Rainey Endowed, thanks to our budding Year 8 stars. Some willing RES staff also joined together to create a video to send to the Kindergarten on World Hello Day which brought a little taste of ‘the Rainey’ to our Kindergarten on that special day of celebration. Here at Rainey Endowed, Magherafelt, we have been privileged to work alongside Castledawson Primary School to provide the Kindergarten with videos and resources explaining what school life is like here in Magherafelt and we look forward to strengthening these links to broaden the horizons of our pupils here at Rainey Endowed, Magherafelt, primary pupils in Castledawson, and the Kindergarten pupils in RKH.

Rainey Kindergarten strive to employ passionate and enthusiastic teachers; please email raineykindergarten@163.com if you would like more information about working in Rainey Kindergarten, Hangzhou. We welcome interest from any qualified teachers with a passion to work with Pre-School and Key Stage 1 pupils.