Rainey Kindergarten, Hangzhou

Educating students to be Global citizens in the 21st  century

In September, 2019, we were delighted to announce the formal opening of Rainey Kindergarten Hangzhou (RKH). The Kindergarten offers a bilingual curriculum in Mandarin and in English for pupils aged 3-6 years. The state of the art building is the only affiliated Rainey Endowed School-located in China. RKH offers an environment which provides a happy and fun-based approach to learning.

The focus is student-centred, where children learn how to communicate, to listen, work independently and collaboratively to problem solve and to develop respect, responsibility and resilience. RKH state of the art facilities are located at: No 666, Jingxing Rd, Yuhang District, Hangzhou, hosting an outdoor learning garden, excellent teaching and learning facilities, dedicated staff and a passionate leader, Mrs Xinxin Ding, to ensure that pupils and children take the first steps in developing as successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens.