Rainey Rocketeering 2015

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Congratulations to all Rainey Rockeeters who successfully designed, built and launched their rockets throughout February and March. The rocketeering club has more than doubled in size since last year with 30 pupils having regularly attended build sessions throughout the spring term.

The group worked in small teams usually consisting of just two or three members to build the single engine rockets. Each rocket had on board parachutes which were deployed automatically at maximum altitude thus allowing the rocket to safely return to earth and therefore be reused. Everyone showed they not only understood the physics behind a simple rocket but they also possessed the necessary skills and dexterity to assemble a machine which could take to the skies!

Members of the group will go forward to defend Rainey’s title as Northern Ireland Rocketeering champions at Langford Lodge next year. Our continued thanks to our sponsor Moyola Precision Engineering​ without whom we would be grounded!