The 2018 GCSE results at Rainey Endowed are outstanding

The 2018 GCSE results at Rainey Endowed are outstanding


The GCSE results at Rainey Endowed are outstanding. 28% of all passes were at A* grade and 62% at A*/A grade. 100% of all pupils achieved 5 or more A*-C grades including English and Mathematics.

Over 60 pupils in the year group had at least 6A*/A grades.






Photo 1
One pupil attained 10A* Grades
Alison Brown


Photo 2
Seventeen pupils attained 10A*/A Grades (*Not in Photo)
Molly Clifford*
David Eagleson
Hannah Galway
Rebecca Gilbert
Jade Heaney
Laura Henderson
Conor Henry
Joanna Kyle
Emma McCann
Sarah McKinley
Amy McLees
Rachel McMenemy
Max McPherson
Kara Morton
Maire O’Kane
Courtney Rowe
Ross Speers


Photo 3
Nine pupils attained 9A*/A Grades (*Not in Photo)
Andrew Craig
Ella Grant
Sophie Herron
Sarah Kelso
Sarah Kempton
Hollie Mewha
Sharagh Murphy*
Beulah Nesbitt*
William Powles


Photo 4

Thirteen pupils attained 8A*/A Grades (*Not in Photo)
Aaron Caldwell
Jessica Curry
John Curry
Zoe Espley
Leah Houston
Megan Hughes
Georgia Kelly
Ben Lyttle
Melissa McClenaghan
Joseph McGonigle*
Reuben McLean
Malaidh McPeake
Taryn Whyte


Photo 5
Eleven pupils attained 7A*/A Grades (*Not in Photo)
Holly Brown
Naomi Drennan
Dawn Francis
Charlotte Fullerton
Piotr Gabrysiak
Rachel Gordon
Fayth Hill-Nicholl
John McCaffrey
Ellie Montgomery
Jasmine Watterson
Gary White*


Photo 6
Eleven pupils attained 6A*/A Grades (*Not in Photo)
Joel Bell
Connor Caffrey
Niamh Cudden
Jodie Curry
Nicole Elliott*
Ross Fleming
Laura Lynch
Jonathan McLean*
Rebecca Murray*
Eve Wilson
Josh Workman


This is a fabulous display of the ability of our pupils. These are our best ever GCSE grades. Year 12 pupils should be proud of their achievements; they are a credit to the school. I wish to acknowledge the excellent relationships that exist at all levels in the school. Pupils work in collaboration with the staff of Rainey who always seek to serve each individual’s best interests. Congratulations to our pupils, staff and parents who have helped us to maintain our excellent outcomes.