Transfer 2022

Entrance Assessments for Entry to Year 8 in September 2022 at Rainey Endowed School.



Due to current COVID-19 regulations, it has not been possible to run a familiarisation morning in the way that we would have traditionally. Please click on the video image above to view the familiarisation information video instead.

Special Circumstances Pack Download
Claiming Special Circumstances This document provides guidance on how to apply for Special Circumstances for pupils who sat the GL Entrance Assessments. pdf_logo
SCR Form This Form must be completed and returned to Rainey Endowed School by 2.00 pm on Wednesday 15 December 2021, to register a claim for Special Circumstances for your child. pdf_logo
SC1 Form This Form should be completed and attached, along with all supporting documentary evidence, to the Transfer Form in February 2022 when applying for Admission to Post-Primary Schools. pdf_logo


If you have any questions regarding the application for Special Circumstances please contact the school (Tel 028 7963 2478).


The deadline for registering claims for Special Circumstance is Friday 15 December 2021.

Special Provision is available for children who meet certain criteria. Please complete the SP1 form if this affects any of your children involved in the transfer process.

The Documents which are contained in the Registration Pack, are provided below for your information.

Please note Adobe Reader must be installed on your computer to enable you to view the documents. Click here to download Adobe Reader.

Registration Pack List and Timetable: (click)

This gives details of all the documents in the registration pack and the timetable of the key dates.

Registration Form: (click)

This should be completed and returned to the school which you have nominated as Assessment Centre 1 by 2.00pm on Friday 24 September 2021.

Guidance Notes: (click)

These will assist in the completion of the Registration Form and other documents.

Entrance Assessment including format and specification: (click)

This provides key information about the actual Entrance Assessment.

Frequently Asked Questions: (click)

These are answers to some of the questions you may have. If they do not cover all of your concerns, please contact the nearest PPTC Centre.

Access Arrangements and Special Circumstances Policy: (click)

You should consult this policy if you are applying for Access Arrangements or Special Circumstances for your child.

Access Arrangements Form (AA1): (click)

This should be completed if you are claiming Access Arrangements for your child (see Guidance Notes).

Access Arrangements Form (Medical Information) AA2: (click)

This should be completed by your child’s General Practitioner or Medical Consultant in support of a claim for Access Arrangements in relation to a medical condition.

Access Arrangements Form (Special Educational Needs) AA3: (click)

This should be completed by a suitably qualified person in support of a claim for Access Arrangements.