Music Staff

Teaching Staff

Mrs L Glenn  Head of Department

Miss N Given


Instrumental Tutors


Mrs C Mullan-Strings

Miss L Skelton- Woodwind

Mr G Murray- Woodwind/brass

Miss H Nicholl- Lower Strings

Mrs M Bell MBE  – Singing

Mrs N Logan- Piano

Mr P Thorogood – Guitar


Music Technician

Mrs M Henry





Key Stage 3

Our work at KS3 focusses on learning through listening, composing and performing. Our Mac suite allows pupils to learn through making music related to our topics on Garage Band. In Year 10, pupils have the opportunity to learn the ukulele and in Years 8 and 9, pupils learn the basics of music performance using recorders. We believe that Music at KS3 is for all pupils, not just those who have played instruments before.


Garage Band



All of our pupils follow the CEA specification which follows on from our KS3 programme by focussing on listening, composing and performing.

This specification gives students opportunities to:

  • develop their knowledge, understanding and appreciation of a range of different kinds of music;
  • take part in music-making and communicate through music;
  • develop their creativity;
  • make informed judgements about musical quality;
  • develop a lifelong interest in music; and
  • learn about music-related careers


AS/A2 Level

Through the CEA GCE Music specification our pupils have the opportunity to create and perform music that allows them to express their own interests and style.

In the AS units, they study music from the Renaissance, Baroque, Classical and Romantic periods right through to popular musicals and sacred vocal styles. Students who continue to A2 explore in more depth orchestral music of the twentieth century alongside secular and sacred vocal music spanning over 400 years.




Extra-Curricular Activities

Junior Choir

Junior Choir is when all the willing choir members join to rehears pieces of music for the upcoming annual Carol Services or Spring Concerts.  With the help of Miss Given and Miss Bingham, we practise our pieces, sing vocal exercise along with having a lot of fun!  Junior Choir is open to both boys and girls from first to third year.  Junior Choir meets every Wednesday at lunch time or on alternate weeks, after school.

   Ellen Henderson, Year 10




String Group

String Group meets at 1.10pm on Monday lunchtimes. Anyone who has completed Grade four or above in a string instrument can attend. It is a great way to meet new people and to further develop your skills as a string player. It’s also great because we get to play fun and contemporary pieces.

Rachel McBride, Year 12



Chamber Choir

Chamber choir meets on Tuesdays at 1.10pm. It is made up of around 20 people and in order to get in, you must complete a successful audition. Chamber choir is a fun and encouraging lunchtime activity in which we can not only make new friends but also develop our musical ability. It’s especially helpful to improve our sight singing. We sing a large range of songs from a cappella to Christmas songs to the latest hits so there really is something for everyone. Chamber choir prepare these pieces for both the spring concert and the Christmas carol service. I would really encourage anyone with a passion for Music to consider becoming a member of chamber choir.

Courtney Weir, Year 12





Orchestra is a great extra-curricular activity to take part in on Mondays, from 3:30-4:30pm.  Orchestra is open to all pupils who play an instrument and are Grade 3 and above.  This provides an opportunity for pupils to play with other pupils of different ages and abilities and allows them to develop their own personal musical practical skills.

From the months of September to December, we prepare for our highly anticipated Christmas Carol Service and for the majority of the remainder of the school year, we prepare for the spectacular Spring Concert.  Orchestra is great fun and I would highly recommend that anyone who is interested comes along!

Victoria Cousley, Year 13


Senior Choir

Senior Choir is a fantastic after school club for all pupils in Year 11 and above who enjoy singing and making friends.  Every Tuesday, we practice from 3:30-4:30 for our two main concerts at Christmas and in the Spring.  As a SATB Choir, male and female students of every range and ability can come to develop their skills and no previous experience in a choir is necessary.  There is an easy and safe atmosphere so everyone can get the most out of Senior Choir.  We would love to see you there!

Sarah Henry, Year 13




Check out our extra-curricular page for more up to date details:



Carol Services / Spring Concert

Each year, the music department have a Christmas and Spring concert to celebrate the musical success of our vast number of extra-curricular programmes. This also creates an opportunity to showcase the outstanding talent of many of our pupils.

Here are some of the highlights from previous concerts:

Spring 2016:

Christmas 2015:

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