School Council Update



Council school-council-logo-2016 Council

The School Council is made up of 14 pupils, 2 representatives from each year group. We have been meeting regularly between September and April this year, discussing a range of possible and practical improvements to the pupil experience and to the school in general.

Some of the issues discussed include

(i) Changes to school uniform policy
(ii) Outdoor seating areas
(iii) Water fountains
(iv) Greenhouse construction
(v) The School Development Plan

The minutes from our last meeting can be found by following the link below:

Wednesday 1st March


  • The School Council in Rainey will continue to work towards improving the whole school experience of all pupils.
  • The council will be working with teacher, pupils and the board of governors.
  • We look forward to furthering the ‘voice’ of pupils in the life of The Rainey whilst promoting democracy and active participation through the functioning of a successful student Council.
  • If pupils have any suggestions about issues they would like discussed at Council, please e-mail them to;