Asha art competition



We are looking for a creative design that incorporates the Asha logo for the members of the 2016 team to paint in large scale at the Rainey Endowed Resource Centre in the Kusumpur Slum, New Delhi.

Your design should aim to be bright, bold, colourful and eye-catching. Small intricate details should be kept to a minimum, as it is difficult to transfer in large scale on a limited time frame when painting in New Delhi.


To get you started we have included the Asha logo on the file attachment. Although this design is usually yellow, please feel free to colour it in your own choice. Work out your design from this logo using your own ideas of pattern, shape, tone and colour. Download template from here. 

These designs must be finished and handed in to Miss McCracken for Tuesday 18 October. Don’t forget to write your name and class on the bottom of this page, and keep an eye on Facebook over the Halloween break to see which design is painted in India

Good luck!