Christmas Concert

We have really missed having our usual Christmas Concert this year in the Rainey. We have put together a little something for you to enjoy instead! Usually our ticket sales would be donated to Abaana.


If you would like to support the work of Abaana this year you could donate using the Just Giving link or on SIMS pay for Rainey parents. Even £1 could make such a difference. Thank you and happy Christmas!

Abaana 2020

Our Uganda 2020 team had to postpone their trip to Rainey Primary this June/July however, we have been following the efforts of Abaana in helping communities in Uganda deal with the corona virus crisis.


Abaana are in regular contact with the 15 communities that they work with, to assess where the greatest needs are. To date, they have raised over £25,000 through social media which has helped provide an estimated 30,000 meals to help the families at Abaana schools & support the emergency relief of street children.


This time last year we were getting ready to welcome the Abaana New Life Choir – the families of the choir children were recently given funds to help them buy essential items during the crisis, such as beans, oil, flour, tea, salt, rice, bread & soap.


There will be no Abaana teams heading out to Uganda this year but the work of our school charity continues.



Sponsor Day


In Uganda it is very common that parents simply can’t afford to send their pupils to school. This is where you can make a difference to the life of a child of a similar age to you. If you give £1 per month a pupil will be able to attend Rainey Primary School. The proposal is for each tutor group to sponsor a pupil attending Rainey Primary. The first Wednesday of each month, commencing 2 October 2019 will be “Sponsor Day” this is when you bring in £1 to your tutor. Let us all make a real difference and enable Ugandan children to attend school – Rainey Primary.

Cycling to Uganda



A huge thank you to everyone who gave so generously on Saturday to our shopping centre cyclists who were raising money for Abaana. A superb £971 pounds was raised to go toward the work in Uganda this summer.
Well done everyone.


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New international charity launched – Abaana

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