DNA Technology in Biology




On Tue 4th February the U6th Biology students had the opportunity to get hands on experience of some of the techniques involved within the field of DNA Technology. This fast moving area of scientific research covers wide ranging applications from DNA fingerprinting, Genetic Modification and virus genome mapping.


Lucienne McCallum, from TIMSTAR, travelled from her base in Scotland to enhance our students understanding and give practical experience of restriction enzymes, the use of a PCR  machine and Gel electrophoresis to name just a few. It was an experience that the students would otherwise not get to participate in and many thanks to Lucienne for facilitating this for us.




AS Biology Students visit Ramore Head


In September, an enthusiastic bunch of intrepid year 13 students headed to the rocky shore at Ramore Head in Portrush to complete some fieldwork as part of their AS Biology course. There they developed sampling skills as they completed a belt transect of the shore to see if the different seaweeds were adapted for different zones on the shore. Limpets were also measured to test a hypothesis that the limpets on the exposed shore would be short and squat to avoid them being knocked off the rocks by the action of the waves.


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Biology Fieldwork – Portrush 2016



On Wednesday 14th September 36 AS Biology students headed to the rocky shore at Ramore Head, Portrush to carry out some ecological fieldwork. After a crash course in seaweed identification, the pupils were tasked with completing a belt transect along the shore, from low water mark to high water mark, to record the % cover of the seaweeds as well as any marine animals found there.

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DNA Technology

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 17.48.08



AS Biology students developing  their practical techniques within the area of  DNA Technology on the STEM Module, which visited the Rainey today. Some of our students will not perform these techniques again until they are at University.


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Lower Sixth Field Trip to Portrush



On Friday 11th September, 30 Lower 6th Biology students and 3 teachers headed to Portrush for their annual fieldtrip.  We arrived at low tide and took a few minutes to familiarise ourselves with the shore and its inhabitants before getting down to business.  The intention was to gather information on the abundance of several seaweed species across the shore and to measure limpets.

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Biology/Geography Field Work

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 09.30.38



This week a joint Biology and Geography field trip took place. The trip included field work in the beautiful grounds of Lissan House and also a tour of the trout hatchery at Orritor road, Cookstown.

Pupils discovered how the breeding programme for fresh water pearl mussels and white clawed cray fish there are benefiting locally endangered species.


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