GIS Day 2015: Ashcloud Apocalypse 1

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Calling all Rainey geographers!

Geography teaches us about how to be prepared for localised natural disasters such as the outbreak of a disease or huge tsunami waves however some hazards are global in their impact. One potential threat is the eruption of a mega volcano and the masses of ash and sulphur dioxide gas it would emit that would lead to rapid falls in temperature, resulting in a global winter for all.

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Biology/Geography Field Work

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This week a joint Biology and Geography field trip took place. The trip included field work in the beautiful grounds of Lissan House and also a tour of the trout hatchery at Orritor road, Cookstown.

Pupils discovered how the breeding programme for fresh water pearl mussels and white clawed cray fish there are benefiting locally endangered species.


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‘DAWN TIL DUSK’ competition

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Rachel Stewart was selected following successful entry into the ‘DAWN TIL DUSK’ competition for A-level geographers at the School of Planning, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Queens University, Belfast. Here she shares her experience of the day.

After an early 6am start to catch the bus to Belfast, Ciara and I set off for the event ‘Dawn til Dusk’ at Queens University, Belfast. Greeted at the doors by current students and tutors, we were not only provided with a folder of documents to guide us through our day but welcomed with a breakfast feast of bacon butties, scones and most importantly some strong coffee. After meeting the other selected pupils from a wide range of schools across the province, we were had an orientation session with Professor Geraint Ellis, who outlined the day ahead and shared with us a little bit of the ethos and aims of the School of Planning, Architecture and Civil Engineering at Queens.

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