Easter Letter


Dear Rainey family,


As the Easter holidays are upon us, I wanted to express my sincere thanks to all staff, governors, pupils and parents. Furthermore, I encourage you to take a break from school work. Try going for a walk and follow government advice whilst doing so, get out into the garden or try out some of the opportunities that I mentioned in last week’s correspondence. You have worked hard, so please make the most of the holiday period and try to relax.


I also want to pay further tribute to all of our key workers, for all that they are doing, have done and will continue to do. Let us all do our bit to help beat this terrible virus by adhering to PHA advice, by washing our hands, by following social distancing guidelines and by looking after the most vulnerable in society; through the words of Étienne de Grellet, “.. any good that I can do or any kindness that I can show to any human being; let me do it now.”


Please remember that we are there for you. If you require pastoral advice, guidance or help, please email Mr Simpson at csimpson698@c2kni.net or call 07921463567. We will help out as best as we can.


Over the coming hours, days and weeks, please bear in mind this quote from Atticus, “A happy soul is the shield for a cruel world.”


Take care, stay safe and best wishes to everyone in the Rainey family,


Mr McCullough