Eco Club Recommences


Our first week of Eco Club got off to a great start with our new recruits. Our three topics are Healthy Living, Energy and Waste. We have all been assigned our new duties for the next two months

Year 8 members
Kevin Cheung, Maia Nowak, Isabella McCracken, Olivia Overend, Amelie McConnell, Hannah Field
Bianca Zeelie, Emily Caskey, Anna Foster and Fionn McPeake

Year 9 members
Bosco Devlin, Ciara Brown, Ciara Cooke, Chloe Nash, Poppy Hastings, Olivia Currie, Sophia Young
Jessica Finlay, Saskia Hastings, Abby McGurk, Heidi White, Sarah Hatrick, Sophia Morrissey, Molly Wilkinson, Reece Ballantine, Eva Francis, Julia Zoledziewska, Christian Ross, Aoibh Larkin and Kaitlin Henry

Year 10 members
Rebecca Linton, Lauren Hurrell, Sophia Martin and Maddie Mawhinney

Year 11 and 12 members
Katie Wilkinson, Eli Barclay, Michael Kelly and Lee McGucken