Rainey Endowed Football Frenzy Event



On Wednesday 9th November, Anahorish, Castledawson, Desertmartin, Holy Family, Kilross, Knocknagin, Magherafelt, New Row and Spires Integrated Primary Schools all competed in the Rainey Endowed Football Frenzy event, hosted by the A2 Sports Science Pupils Committee at Rainey Endowed School.

The P6 pupils played all today eventually reaching the finals in both boys and girls competition; Holy Family Girls played New Row Girls and Anahorish Boys were against Holy Family Boys.


In the end it was Holy Family Girls and Anahorish Boys who came out the victors.

From everyone who was part of the committee we would like to thank all of the Primary School’s involved for their support and participation.
In particular the Mid-Ulster Council for supporting the day in order to purchase equipment which were used for the event.
Additionally, we would like to thank the IFA for supplying us with football goals and the Mid Ulster Councils Active Community leader Graham Eastwood for giving the children an educational talk on the day.
Also Matthew Fields of Rainey Endowed for taking photographs throughout the day, Timothy Anderson, EMS Magherafelt who was our first aider and Quinn’s Coach Hire for transporting each of the schools to and from the event.
Finally, we would like to show our appreciation to Robert Montgomery, Malcolm Franklin and Keith Gilmour the caretaking staff of the school for the use of the school minibus and keeping the pitches in good conditions in order for the event to proceed.
Many thanks also goes out to the canteen staff for preparing the meals, Mr McCullough our Headmaster, for giving us the opportunity to run the event, our Lower 6th PE class for their help throughout the day and also the PE staff who guided us through the process which allowed us to produce a successful event.
The A2 Sports Science Pupils Committee included; Kesha Drain, Samuel Curry, Joshua Evans, Morgan McNulty, Aaron Hamilton, Mark Mulholland and Annie McAllister.