Wacky tie, socks and hair day

Wacky tie, socks and hair day was held on Monday 30th November to raise money for our sixth form charities. This also marked the final day for our pupils who participated in Movember to grow moustaches and beards to raise money for the Movember charity. In order to let everyone join in the fun, members of sixth form were encouraged to do something new with their hair, wear a wacky pair of socks or wear a unique tie for the day. The event went down well with many people participating. From ties with rubber-ducks to neon socks, everyone had a good time while raising money for our charities.


During the month of November, some pupils in sixth form also took part in on-going challenges including Daniel Barfoot who ran 90km in 30 days and Holly Weir who baked every day for a month! A special congratulations goes to these two pupils for their outstanding effort.


Well done to all pupils in Sixth Form for your super efforts in raising Monday for the Movember charity and also our three school charities (Abaana, Angel Eyes and Angel Wishes) through the various events.