Cookery Demonstrations

The Livestock and Meat Commission provided cookery demonstrations to Year 11 & 12 Food and Nutrition pupils during October.  Helen Bell  (LMC) informed the pupils about the importance of using farm quality assured beef and lamb, traceability of food and how to cook using both beef and lamb.  These demonstrations provided extremely useful to pupils allowing them to gain a deeper understanding of food from farm to fork and culinary skills including presentation and flavour combination.  Many thanks to Helen for her enthusiasm and knowledge which made this an enjoyable experience for all pupils involved.” Read the rest of this entry »

Rainey Bake Off Final



This week KS3 pupils participated in the ‘Rainey Bake Off’ Final, there was an exceptionally high standard of skill demonstrated. Pupils were set the signature challenge to produce 6 ‘Afternoon Tea’ themed scones.


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Rainey Christmas Bake Off

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The Year 13 Home Economics class completed ‘The Rainey Christmas Bake Off’ today which was judged my Mrs Ferguson and our very own ‘Bake Off’ star Darcey Harkness.


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