Rainey Christmas Celebrations 2018



Well done to all for another amazing Rainey Christmas Celebration. Happy Christmas everyone!

Click below for the gallery and video.


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New Rainey Digital Leaders appointed



This week sees the newly appointed Digital Leaders embark upon their role within the Rainey, not only promoting the use of ICT throughout the school but also playing a fundamental role in helping to raise awareness of Online Safety to students and parents.


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Prize Distribution 2018



On Thursday 20 September 2018 Rainey Endowed held its annual Prize Distribution. We were thrilled to have past pupil Mrs Lesley-Anne Vaughan (née McLean) as our guest speaker. Mrs Vaughan entertained us with many stories from her work in Kenya as a software developer for Vodafone and spoke of how the pace of Technology continually offers us new challenges and opportunities.


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Rainey Colour Run Video #colourmeres




Click below for the video footage from the colour run held on 4th May 2018.



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ColourMeRES 2018


Rainey’s first colour run was held on 4th May 2018. A super way to say goodbye to our exam classes whilst raising more than £13k for charity. A massive well done to all runners, helpers and organisers.


Click below for media


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World Book Day 2018



Another, now famous, Rainey #worldbookday video.

Click below to play.



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Rainey Carol Service 2017



Well done to all for another amazing Rainey Carol Service last night. Happy Christmas everyone!

Click below for the gallery.


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Prize Distribution 2017

Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 15.43.33



On Thursday 21st September Rainey held their annual prize night. We were thrilled to have past pupil Jeffrey Gilbert as our speaker. He entertained us with many stories from his work in epidemiology, in such far flung places as Afghanistan and Sierra Leone. Rainey pupils really do travel far!


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Opening of the Rainey Sports Complex

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 19.58.18



To everyone who joined us on

Saturday 20 May 2017 for our opening of the Sports Complex – thank you. #raineysport

Click below for video and image gallery


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Spring Concert 2017

spriong concert thumb



Some video snippets and a photo gallery from the 2017 Rainey Endowed Spring concert.
Recorded on Wednesday 22 March 2017.


Well done to everyone involved. #springconcert


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World book Day 2017 – #worldbookday

Rainey world book day 2017



World book day wouldn’t be world book day without a Rainey video….


Watch now

Rainey Endowed Mannequin Challenge



Rainey Endowed never shies away from a challenge! #mannequinchallenge


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Rainey Christmas Carol Services 2016




A snippet from the excellent Carol Service of Tuesday 13th December 2016.

Well done to all pupils and staff involved.

Merry Christmas and a Peaceful New Year


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#raineyasha blog – day 4

Today was our first day working in the Kusumpur slum which we were highly anticipating. As we made our way to the slum, we were delayed by the water trucks blocking the one way traffic with cars coming both ways! (You can imagine how that worked out). After we finally squeezed through we were warmly greeted by the Resource Centre staff. We had already pre-organised our groups and our plan of action so we instantly got stuck into our work.


The boys began to sand down walls and paint the base coat while the girls instantly got stuck into the drawing led by the art team Hannah, Aimee, Amy and Caitlin. We drew up our images in the sweltering heat, with all of us assigned different pictures to complete in four different rooms. Being determined as we were, we completed them as quickly as possible, so other team members could begin to paint.  Asha appointed us someone to mix our paint as there was no ready mix paint available. However, instead of using a wooden stick to mix the paint, he effortlessly stuck his hand into the paint pot and mixed the paint – which went up to his elbow! As the painters got stuck in, the artists continued to draw.


As the artists and painters were busy in action, 4 pupils and Mr McDonnell had the privilege to visit some areas of the Asha community outside the Resource Centre. They met with members of the Asha women’s group, who invited them into their homes. They got to view their dwellings, meet their children and even got to do some dancing!! Once they got back, the painters and artists were exhausted and in need of a break. We left the Resource Centre, hopped into our taxis and made our way out of the slum through the narrow hectic road straight to a well earned McDonald’s to satisfy our hungry tummies.


We arrived back from McDonalds and hastily gathered our materials for the craft and English lessons and kindly welcomed the slum children into the Resource Centre. As the children gathered we started to sing songs and got to know their names. After a few renditions of ‘If you’re happy and you know it’ we split off into 2 groups (one craft and one English group). Alice led the craft today which was making decorative fish and Andrew led the English lesson with the theme being food. The ever enthusiastic children were keen to learn new words and phrases such as ‘These are scales’ and more complicated food names such as ‘Asparagus’. As the craft and English lessons proceeded we split off into smaller groups of 3/4 to complete the fish craft or food worksheets. It was very encouraging to see how quickly the children were able to identify keywords and repeat certain phrases with ease. As the final gems were added and plastic fruits gathered, both lessons finished with a small recap on words and phrases used throughout each lesson.


As lessons were drawing to a close, the college students had been hard at work completing a ‘Happy Diwali’ message masterclass on the resource centre floor using coloured powdered decorated with candles. Some members of the team had a chance to light the candles and each was greeted with loud cheers from everyone present. When all of the candles had been lit we were invited to show off our dance moves to the classic Indian music and also up beat music which we are more used to. Everyone decided to join in on the dancing which turned into one big party! As soon as we had drained all of our energy the team was escorted outside to witness, but also part take in a fireworks display, Indian style! Although I’m not sure that health and safety was to the fore front, it made for exciting, enjoyable but also eventful memories. There were sparklers, fire crackers and bangers on show. When the excitement had calmed, we all had the opportunity to wish our new found friends a Happy Diwali and to take a few photos. After an unforgettable day we all are anticipating Monday morning with great enthusiasm to continue in our work.


Once we all had arrived back and freshened up we headed out to a Chinese restaurant where we tucked into some delicious meals.


Tomorrow we are looking forward to our journey to Agra to visit the famous Taj Mahal and the Red Fort.


By Aimee and Josh


The Big Shift

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 10.36.19



Rainey Endowed School

The Big Shift

Monday 13th – Friday 17th June 2016

Contact: Mrs D Adamson

Over the next week Rainey Endowed will take part in an online challenge run by the charity SUSTRANS which encourage pupils to travel more actively to school, benefiting their health and helping to reduce congestion around the school gates. The Eco-club is asking pupils to be more active by walking, cycling and scooting to school as part of a five-day event called The Big Shift.


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Spring Concert 2016

spring concert thumb 2016



Well done everyone on yet another excellent Spring Concert last night.  Beautiful music from around the world.

Gallery and video here.



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Happy World Book Day 2016

WBD2016 Video thumb



Can you spot all the books?


Answers at the end of the movie!


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No Direction

nodirection 275



Last moment stand in act Rainey “Boy” Band, #nodirection take the school by storm this Christmas.


Watch here

Rainey’s Robot comes out on top

Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 22.32.38


So what is the Lego League and why do Rainey pupils put so much effort into it?
It’s a huge themed worldwide competition that runs annually. This year more than 233,000 young people from over 80 countries will take part!


The theme of this year’s competition was rubbish! From collection, to sorting, to smart production and reuse, there is more to our rubbish than meets the eye.
Nine form four boys took up the challenge this year, meeting with an industrial mentor once per week for the past 8 weeks.  There was much to be done, a whole recycling problem to be overcome, a robot to program and a presentation to perfect!


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Krakow 2015 Movie

Produced and edited by Daniel Bell

National Poetry Day 2015

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 10.25.40


Today Rainey celebrates National Poetry Day based on the theme of ‘light’.
Here one Department interprets ‘light’ a little differently!


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Volunteering in Zimbabwe

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 13.09.52


During the summer, two upper 6th pupils,  Hannah Johnston and Hannah Monaghan, travelled to Zimbabwe where they spent two weeks volunteering.  They were based at Jabulani Orphanage and spent most of their time looking after the 13 children who live there. These children have been abandoned by their parents, many of whom have died from HIV and AIDS.

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