Rainey’s Robot comes out on top

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So what is the Lego League and why do Rainey pupils put so much effort into it?
It’s a huge themed worldwide competition that runs annually. This year more than 233,000 young people from over 80 countries will take part!


The theme of this year’s competition was rubbish! From collection, to sorting, to smart production and reuse, there is more to our rubbish than meets the eye.
Nine form four boys took up the challenge this year, meeting with an industrial mentor once per week for the past 8 weeks.  There was much to be done, a whole recycling problem to be overcome, a robot to program and a presentation to perfect!


8 weeks soon slipped by and before we knew it we were heading to the SSE arena in Belfast and we were ready. Our robot, whom we had named Iffy, was laden with our carefully crafted software and we had prepared a presentation detailing all our research on Rainey’s heavy usage of polystyrene dishes. It turns out Rainey pupils get through half a shipping container of polystyrene dishes each year, thats a lot of bacon rolls!!


With James and Danny B at the helm Iffy dashed around the robot field picking up points for Rainey. Inbetween robot performances we gave our presentation and were quizzed twice by separate judges. A really nerve wrecking experience!


We were so busy all day that we hardly realised we had made the semi-final of the robotic performance against Victoria College. We came out on top and were surprised to learn that we were to meet our neighbours, Magherafelt High School in the the final.
It was once of the longest 2.5 minutes ever. We waited patiently for our score. Hearts beating hard we listened as the result was read out. We had won!!
Congratulations though must go to Magherafelt High who came in in first place overall when all the facets of the task were rolled in. Still though, it felt great to know we had done so well.


A massive thank you to Mr James Coulter from Sensata Technologies. James was an outstanding mentor who faithfully guided us each and every week. We are sincerely thankful for his time and support.


Form 3 can you do better than us in 2016?!