Lego League Team impress judges at regional heat



W5 welcomed 140 pupils from schools across Northern Ireland to the eleventh annual Northern Ireland FIRST® LEGO® League Challenge on Wednesday 5 December.

The FIRST® LEGO® League (FLL) is a global science and technology challenge for teams of students, to encourage an interest in real world issues and develop key skills that are crucial for their future careers.


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Rainey Lego League Team Outstanding in Belfast



Lego League is awesome. That was the general consensus this past week.


More than 240 thousand young people took part from all over the world this year and representing the Rainey, were a team of 8 GCSE Technology and Design students.


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Lego League Team delighted to receive @Sensata Sponsorship



Today the Lego League Team welcomed back to Rainey Endowed our industrial sponsor Sensata Technologies.  Sensata are well known in Northern Ireland for their innovation with remote tyre pressure sensing technology. Mr James Coulter, an embeded software engineer,  presented the team with a Mindstorms EV3 robotic kit for use in the upcoming National Compeition in Belfast on 2nd December 2016.



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Rainey’s Robot comes out on top

Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 22.32.38


So what is the Lego League and why do Rainey pupils put so much effort into it?
It’s a huge themed worldwide competition that runs annually. This year more than 233,000 young people from over 80 countries will take part!


The theme of this year’s competition was rubbish! From collection, to sorting, to smart production and reuse, there is more to our rubbish than meets the eye.
Nine form four boys took up the challenge this year, meeting with an industrial mentor once per week for the past 8 weeks.  There was much to be done, a whole recycling problem to be overcome, a robot to program and a presentation to perfect!


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Rainey Lego League Sponsored by Sensata Technologies

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 19.13.41


Rainey’s 2015 Lego League Team are delighted to be sponsored by Sensata Technologies. Today, the team made up of form 4 Technology & Design students, were mentored by James Coalter from the company. James is a System Design Engineer with Sensata and will spend 1 hour per week with the boys until Christmas. This is an excellent opportunity for the team to learn from a practising Engineer from a world class electronic design company.  We thank James and Sensata for their support. #stem