Rainey Lego League Team Outstanding in Belfast



Lego League is awesome. That was the general consensus this past week.


More than 240 thousand young people took part from all over the world this year and representing the Rainey, were a team of 8 GCSE Technology and Design students.


The regional heats were held in Belfast and this year the theme of the challenge was ‘Hydro Dynamics’.


The team met each week from September and had the benefit of an industrial mentor from NIE. For all Mr Caldwell’s efforts in helping us prepare, we are sincerely grateful.
The weeks of preparation, problem solving, planning, robot building and programming soon slipped by and before we knew it we were heading to the SSE arena in Belfast and we were ready!


Our robot, whom we had named Frank Rainey, was laden with our carefully crafted software and we had prepared a presentation detailing all our research on a portable Liebig condenser for use in developing countries. We also made a video highlighting the plight of those young people who are denied education so that their families have a supply of drinking water.

With Leon and Dylan at the helm Frank dashed around the robot field picking up points for Rainey. Inbetween robot performances we gave our presentation and were quizzed three times by separate judges. A really nerve wrecking experience!


We were so busy all day that we hardly realised we had made the semi-final of the robotic performance against Bangor Grammar.
Unfortunately, we were piped at the post by Bangor’s well organised roboteers, however, our disappointment was short lived as were awarded the Judges’ Award for an outstanding performance across the four key disciplines of the competition. This was a real accolade and we were delighted to take this prestigious award back to Magherafelt.


Well done Rainey Team, Kate, Dylan, Leon, Ben, Darcey, Laura, Bethany and Tara and keep an eye out for Junior Lego League coming in the new year!


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