Knockloughrim Primary School join Rainey Rocketeers



This morning the Rainey Rocketry Club hosted some budding young Rocketeers. P1 and P2 Pupils from Knockloughrim Primary School joined us to build and launch some very special rockets. We were delighted how everyone worked so hard and asked such excellent questions. The future is certainly very bright if this bunch are anything to go by! Our sincere thanks to our visitors, Sentinus and Rainey Rocketeers for making it all happen!


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Year 8 Micro Generators



Year 8 today built micro generators to power model electric vehicles. This was a special STEM event hosted by our friends at Sentinus. Well done year 8 – you are all really bright sparks! 😉


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Rainey Rocketeers reclaim title


Now in its fifth year Rainey Rocketry club is bigger and better than ever. From the first National Final in 2014 the club has experienced phenomenal success launching almost 30 rockets in that time. In 2019 the club recruited new members from across all year groups. More than 40 rocketeers were in attendance on Wednesday afternoons in the Spring term. From that two teams went on to represent the school at the Regional Heat at Langford Lodge in April 2019 in the UKRoC Youth Rocketry Challenge. 

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First Rockets of 2019 launched




Congratulations to all Rainey Rocketeers who successfully launched their first model rockets today. Each rocket soared to over 200ft in under 2 seconds.
Successful rocketeers now look forward to the UKAYRoC NI Regional Youth Rocketry Challenge on 8th April.

Well done again everyone. #raineyrocketeering


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Lego League Team impress judges at regional heat



W5 welcomed 140 pupils from schools across Northern Ireland to the eleventh annual Northern Ireland FIRST® LEGO® League Challenge on Wednesday 5 December.

The FIRST® LEGO® League (FLL) is a global science and technology challenge for teams of students, to encourage an interest in real world issues and develop key skills that are crucial for their future careers.


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Top GCSE Construction Candidate



Congratulations to Rebecca Gilbert who achieved 2nd place in Northern Ireland for GCSE Construction and the Built Environment. We look forward to attending an Awards Ceremony hosted by CITB early next year to celebrate the success of the top candidates.


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UK Junior Maths Challenge 2018



Today pupils were awarded their UK Junior maths certificates for the recent Junior Maths challenge – well done everyone! A superb effort


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Bloodhound Model Rocket Car Workshop



Well done to the super Year 9 group who took part in the Bloodhound model rocket car workshop recently. Everyone listened with such enthusiasm to the lecture that was given on the Bloodhound land speed attempt. The British designed and built Bloodhound car will hope to reach speeds in excess of 1000mph in South Africa next year.  An unimaginable speed over the ground in a car! After the lecture year 9 had the opportunity to design, build and test their own model rocket car.  Top speed on the day was 41mph! A superb effort Rainey Engineers.


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Rainey Rocketeering 2018



Out with the old and in with the new. For 2018 a fresh band of rocketeers took up the challenge to design and build an exceptional red and black Rainey rocket.
The knowledge of previous successful teams had been carefully handed down and so the new cohort were well equipped to defend Rainey’s title as UKRoC regional champions this year.


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Rainey Lego League Team Outstanding in Belfast



Lego League is awesome. That was the general consensus this past week.


More than 240 thousand young people took part from all over the world this year and representing the Rainey, were a team of 8 GCSE Technology and Design students.


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Engineering Student’s trip to Moyola Precision Engineering

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 16.24.19


Rainey Endowed’s Year 13 BTEC ‘Subsidiary Diploma in Engineering’ students visited Moyola Precision Engineering as part of their Engineering course along with their tutor, Mr David Maxwell.  The three modules being undertaken in the first of the two years of the courses are:-

Unit 1: Health & Safety in the Engineering Workplace

Unit 5: Mechanical Principles and Applications

Unit 16: Engineering Drawing for Technicians.


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Technology & Design Pupils Visit Coca-Cola HBC Ireland

Rainey Visit Coca-Cola



25 per second. Thats how many cans of Coke that the Lisburn based Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company produce. Yes they can!


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Technology & Design 6th Form Visit Emerson Cookstown

Rainey Visit Emerson Cookstown



Sometimes it is difficult to fully appreciate the finer details of an Industrial process in the classroom. Sometimes, books and online resources just don’t seem to do the trick. Sometimes, only seeing is truly believing.  So whenever a world class manufacturing facility invites you through its doors to see what they do we jump at the chance.


Today Rainey sixth form pupils were delighted to be the guests of Emerson in Cookstown. A manufacturing facility on our door step specialising in the production of world leading scroll compressors.


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#RaineyRocketry make it three in a row

UKAYRoc NI Final



The success of #RaineyRocketry in the past few years has been matched only by the enthusiasm of its members. In 2014 the inaugural meeting was held. A team was formed and against all expectations the newbies saw off competition to win the Northern Ireland heat of UKAYRoc regional finals, before finishing a very impressive 5th in the National finals. With the absence of a competition in 2015 it was a title the team were to hold for two years.


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Lego League Team delighted to receive @Sensata Sponsorship



Today the Lego League Team welcomed back to Rainey Endowed our industrial sponsor Sensata Technologies.  Sensata are well known in Northern Ireland for their innovation with remote tyre pressure sensing technology. Mr James Coulter, an embeded software engineer,  presented the team with a Mindstorms EV3 robotic kit for use in the upcoming National Compeition in Belfast on 2nd December 2016.



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Biology Fieldwork – Portrush 2016



On Wednesday 14th September 36 AS Biology students headed to the rocky shore at Ramore Head, Portrush to carry out some ecological fieldwork. After a crash course in seaweed identification, the pupils were tasked with completing a belt transect along the shore, from low water mark to high water mark, to record the % cover of the seaweeds as well as any marine animals found there.

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Wright Bus Visit 2016 @wrightsgroup



On Friday Friday 16 September 2016, AS Technology & Design pupils together with Mr Palmer and Mr Fields, visited Europe’s leading independent bus manufacturer – Wrightsgroup in Galgorm, Ballymena.
A tour of the factory floor gave us an insight to the many processes and stages involved in bus manufacture. This included composite moulding, various joining methods, painting and electronic installation on the production of both double decker and single decker buses. Many of the stages were demonstrated by our excellent guides, David and Ian.


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GCSE Construction and the Built Environment gains @henrygroupni sponsorship

Rainey Endowed School is delighted to be sponsored by Henry Brothers for GCSE Construction and the Built Environment. The course is currently studied in Year 11 and Year 12 by keen and enthusiastic pupils.

The units covered will enable pupils to progress to access potentially hundreds of specialties, making construction a diverse and multi-faceted discipline. It’s no surprise, then, that construction is the UK’s largest industry, employing approximately 2.2 million people. However, despite the enormity of its workforce it faces skills shortages. Current strategies seek to introduce half a million skilled and qualified entrants to the industry, presenting an exciting and lucrative opportunity.


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Technology & Design Pupils Visit Contour Global & Coca-Cola HBC Ireland




So how much technology and science does it take to produce a bottle of Coke? To find out, a group of form 4 Technology & Design pupils traveled to Coca-Cola HBC Ireland last week.

Our first stop was to see how the power is generated for such a large plant. For this we were the guests of Contour Global. Contour Global is a power generation company who have developed and commissioned a small power plant right beside Coca-Cola HBC Ireland.


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Farady Challenge 2016

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 12.20.26


Well done to our Year 8 pupils who took part in the Schools Faraday Challenge in Magherafelt High School last Friday. The teams had to work hard designing a product, coding it and making their pitch to Faraday’s judge. Both our Rainey teams were fantastic- well done to our winning team who came out top against other Magherafelt schools.

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Technology & Design visit the new sports complex

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 20.50.18



This week Technology & Design students were invited onto the site of our new sports complex.  We were shown the engineering drawings and discovered how much steel really does go into such a large building. Whilst on site the concrete flooring arrived. We all watched as the huge slabs were lifted into place by a remote operator and after having done so became the first people to walk on the new floor. 


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Rainey Rocketeers Retain Title

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 17.23.24


In 2014 Rainey Endowed soared to victory in the UKAYRoc Regional finals, before finishing a very impressive 5th in the National finals. With the absence of a competition in 2015 it was a title we were to hold for two years. In late April 2016 two Rainey Teams vied to retain this regional position in the hope of returning to England to once again compete nationally.


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