#RaineyRocketry make it three in a row

UKAYRoc NI Final



The success of #RaineyRocketry in the past few years has been matched only by the enthusiasm of its members. In 2014 the inaugural meeting was held. A team was formed and against all expectations the newbies saw off competition to win the Northern Ireland heat of UKAYRoc regional finals, before finishing a very impressive 5th in the National finals. With the absence of a competition in 2015 it was a title the team were to hold for two years.



In 2016 a new band of young engineers won the NI heat again booking Rainey’s place in the UK final for a second time.


Now in 2017, on the last day of March, the Rainey Rocketry team has done it again and this time, arguably, the most impressive win of them all. The redesigned 2017 rocket had a number of technical changes. Three swept back fins stablished the rocket in flight. A single more powerful engine gave the rockets its thrust, decidedly more reliable than the previous three engine cluster of the previous years. Upfront the team opted for a dual diameter body allowing for the rocket’s centre of gravity to be shifted close to the nose and importantly allowing for a greater payload area. Lastly a double parachute recovery system was employed ensuring flight time could be calculated with greater accuracy.  Yes, this was a rocket built by young men who knew what they were doing. No surprise then that the flight judge heralded it as one of the most impressive rockets he had seen built by any UK school this year to date. Our sincere gratitude to our sponsors Moyola Precision Engineering for all their help with the build.

So now the team look forward to competing once again in Chelmsford at the UK finals in May. We wish the boys well in their future testing and hope the refined trade mark Rainey red and black rocket will soar to a UK victory.