Knockloughrim Primary School join Rainey Rocketeers



This morning the Rainey Rocketry Club hosted some budding young Rocketeers. P1 and P2 Pupils from Knockloughrim Primary School joined us to build and launch some very special rockets. We were delighted how everyone worked so hard and asked such excellent questions. The future is certainly very bright if this bunch are anything to go by! Our sincere thanks to our visitors, Sentinus and Rainey Rocketeers for making it all happen!


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Rainey Rocketeers reclaim title


Now in its fifth year Rainey Rocketry club is bigger and better than ever. From the first National Final in 2014 the club has experienced phenomenal success launching almost 30 rockets in that time. In 2019 the club recruited new members from across all year groups. More than 40 rocketeers were in attendance on Wednesday afternoons in the Spring term. From that two teams went on to represent the school at the Regional Heat at Langford Lodge in April 2019 in the UKRoC Youth Rocketry Challenge. 

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First Rockets of 2019 launched




Congratulations to all Rainey Rocketeers who successfully launched their first model rockets today. Each rocket soared to over 200ft in under 2 seconds.
Successful rocketeers now look forward to the UKAYRoC NI Regional Youth Rocketry Challenge on 8th April.

Well done again everyone. #raineyrocketeering


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Rainey Rocketeering 2018



Out with the old and in with the new. For 2018 a fresh band of rocketeers took up the challenge to design and build an exceptional red and black Rainey rocket.
The knowledge of previous successful teams had been carefully handed down and so the new cohort were well equipped to defend Rainey’s title as UKRoC regional champions this year.


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#RaineyRocketry make it three in a row

UKAYRoc NI Final



The success of #RaineyRocketry in the past few years has been matched only by the enthusiasm of its members. In 2014 the inaugural meeting was held. A team was formed and against all expectations the newbies saw off competition to win the Northern Ireland heat of UKAYRoc regional finals, before finishing a very impressive 5th in the National finals. With the absence of a competition in 2015 it was a title the team were to hold for two years.


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Mr Palmer on Radio Ulster

Rainey Rocketeers Retain Title

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 17.23.24


In 2014 Rainey Endowed soared to victory in the UKAYRoc Regional finals, before finishing a very impressive 5th in the National finals. With the absence of a competition in 2015 it was a title we were to hold for two years. In late April 2016 two Rainey Teams vied to retain this regional position in the hope of returning to England to once again compete nationally.


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Rainey Rocketeering 2015

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 14.54.05


Congratulations to all Rainey Rockeeters who successfully designed, built and launched their rockets throughout February and March. The rocketeering club has more than doubled in size since last year with 30 pupils having regularly attended build sessions throughout the spring term.

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Rainey Rocketeering Resumes

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It’s on! Today >20 bright young Rainey Rocketeers had their first taste of rocket building. Keep watching the skies! For previous launch videos click here

UKAYRoC Finals 2014

Screen Shot 2014-06-28 at 11.17.55

Rainey Rocketeers have scooped an amazing 5th place from over 21 UK finalists on 25th June at Charterhouse School in Surrey. Teams arrived from right across the UK to compete in the final of the 2014 UKAYRoC competition making this an outstanding achievement reflecting the energy and commitment of the team. Pictured here just after receiving the reward from Christopher Orlebar, ex-concord pilot and author of the Concord Story. The achievement was only topped by the experience. Very well done indeed boys. #nextyear?

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Launch 10 Picture Perfect

Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 22.04.34

Launch #10 was picture perfect today into the hot summer sky. The Rainey Rocketeers travel to London next week to compete in the national finals. We all wish them the very best of fortune.





Rocket Launches 2013-2014


Rainey Endowed Crowned Northern Ireland Rocketry Challenge winners 2014

Rainey Rocket Champs

Two Rainey teams of highly talented Technology & Design / Science  students from forms 4 & 5, sponsored by Moyola Precision Engineering, have today competed in the Northern Ireland final of the UK Aerospace Youth Rocketry Challenge (UKAYRoC) at a nail-biting final comprising seven schools at RLC (UK) in Crumlin.

David Kelso, Mark Mclean & John Porter made up the form 5 Team whilst Jethro Barclay, Shea Toal, Stewart Thomson & Daniel Bell completed a Team from form 4.  We are delighted that the Form 4 team managed to achieve a successful launch to a staggering 874 feet and in doing so won the Northern Ireland heat of UKAYRoC.

The prestigious annual competition is designed to encourage more young people to consider careers in the aerospace industry and is organised by aerospace trade association ADS Group.

Each of the competing teams was required to design, construct and successfully launch a rocket, carrying two raw hen’s eggs to an altitude of 825ft, in a rocket weighing no more than 650 grams, and return the eggs safely to ground within 48-50 seconds.

The challenge provides secondary school student teams, aged between 11 and 18, with a realistic experience in designing a flying aerospace vehicle that meets a specified set of mission and performance requirements.  Students have to work together in teams, just as aerospace engineers do. The challenge is not intended to be easy, but it is well within the capabilities of secondary school students with a good background in science and maths, and some craftsmanship skills.


 David Beatty, Chairman of ADS Northern Ireland, said:

“I congratulate all the schools that took part in today’s competition. Encouraging young people towards these subjects is vital for the future success of Northern Ireland.”

“As our economy becomes more focused on advanced manufacturing it is crucial that we have people with skills and qualifications in science, technology, engineering and maths. I am grateful to those employers who sponsored these teams and hope that they continue to offer fantastic career opportunities for the next generation”.

“I wish Rainey Endowed School every success at the National Finals as they represent Northern Ireland.”


To watch all the Rainey’s test flights this year please see

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