Rainey Rocketeers reclaim title


Now in its fifth year Rainey Rocketry club is bigger and better than ever. From the first National Final in 2014 the club has experienced phenomenal success launching almost 30 rockets in that time. In 2019 the club recruited new members from across all year groups. More than 40 rocketeers were in attendance on Wednesday afternoons in the Spring term. From that two teams went on to represent the school at the Regional Heat at Langford Lodge in April 2019 in the UKRoC Youth Rocketry Challenge. 

11 pupils, enthusiastically set about building two rockets in the hope of achieving a target altitude of 865 feet (261 meters). The flight time also needed to be 43 seconds which could be adjusted via the descending time governed by the area of the recovery parachutes. Rainey Team 2 remarkably achieved a flight time of exactly 43 seconds but unfortunately the payload of an egg, that the rocket was carrying, was damaged during the flight.


Team 1 on the other hand achieved an amazing altitude of 828 feet and crucially returned the egg intact to ground. This was in part due to the care and attention that the Rainey teams had taken experimenting with the protection around the egg.  Both teams had battled against 10 other rockets launched on the day but it was Rainey Team 1 that proved they had just the correct rocket recipe to book their place on the UK Finals in Buckminster in May.  All of this would not have been possible without the continued help and support of Moyola Precision Engineering.

We wish the team well at the National Final. Well done guys! #raineyrocketry