Rainey Rocketeers Retain Title

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In 2014 Rainey Endowed soared to victory in the UKAYRoc Regional finals, before finishing a very impressive 5th in the National finals. With the absence of a competition in 2015 it was a title we were to hold for two years. In late April 2016 two Rainey Teams vied to retain this regional position in the hope of returning to England to once again compete nationally.


However due to terrible weather in March and early April test launches proved a challenge. Adding to the difficultly the rocketry club had a number of technical problems resulting in only a few catastrophes! See below:


Late design changes and unforeseen necessary “tweeks” meant that the Rainey Rocketeers were uncertain of take off much less reaching desired altitude of 750ft.


There was much buzz the day of the regional finals. The event took place at Langford Lodge on the shore of Lough Neagh. A picture perfect setting – the stage was set.



In the end Rainey had mixed fortunes. Team 1, comprising of Zac Mcmenemy, Ben Aspell, Daniel Fulton, Daniel Ballintine and James Ferguson, having a perfect flight in terms of both flight time and altitude had their hopes dashed to learn the egg payload had had a tough landing resulting in the precious cargo being cracked.


Team 2 on the other hand, Adam Woolsey, Morgan Campbell and Peter Mclean had better fortune. Not such a high peak altitude but critically an intact payload meaning on the day the boys took the title of N.Ireland UKAYRoc champs for 2016. The boys now progress to the National finals at the end of May in Chelmsford. We wish them the very best of fortune and for a perfect launch.