Technology & Design visit the new sports complex

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This week Technology & Design students were invited onto the site of our new sports complex.  We were shown the engineering drawings and discovered how much steel really does go into such a large building. Whilst on site the concrete flooring arrived. We all watched as the huge slabs were lifted into place by a remote operator and after having done so became the first people to walk on the new floor. 



The site foreman explained each part of the new building and all its vital constituent parts. Students saw where the electric would arrive, how the water would leave and the how the viewing platform would be formed. We studied the plans and saw how the walls would be built allowing for insulation to keep us warm in winter and the importance of an air gap to prevent moisture penetrating the new building.


We learned about shuttering, rebar, lightning conductors, storm drains, steel expansion, u-values, compressive forces on concrete, scale drawing, brick sampling, hydraulic scissors lifts, health and safety concerns, grid referencing, costing and planning. In short this was a great outdoor lesson in the spring sunshine and we thank everyone at Dixons Contractors for making us all so welcome.

We will certainly watch eagerly as the building work progresses and  hopefully before long visit again to check on progress! No pressure @DixonsContracts 🙂