Technology & Design Pupils Visit Coca-Cola HBC Ireland

Rainey Visit Coca-Cola



25 per second. Thats how many cans of Coke that the Lisburn based Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company produce. Yes they can!


Today 25 Technology & Design students had the opportunity to witness this marvel. We toured above the endless lines of bottling and canning equipment as they effortlessly danced to supply the whole of Ireland with refreshing Coca-Cola.


We saw how the PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) pellets are heated and injection moulded to make preforms. (little test tube sized plastic containers). These preforms are then stretched blow moulded, transforming them into the plastic bottles we are all familiar with.


We also got to smell the secretive syrup that forms the basis of Coca-Cola. The ‘7X’, as it is referred to, smelt very strong and didn’t look that appetising. It is said that only a handful of people know its true ingredients. It is such a safely guarded secret in fact that the syrup is made in two different factories. The two parts are then mixed at Lisburn. This way no one can know all the ingredients!


We ended the tour with a visit to the interactive zone which held lots of interactive and educational displays.


We are grateful to HBC Ireland and especially to our host Hannah for a superb experience today.


Thank you!