A2 Art Students visit London



On the morning of Friday 18 January the A2 Art and Design class along with some GCSE students set out from Belfast International Airport to spend the weekend in London. While there visits were made to the Tate modern, The National Gallery, The Portrait Gallery and the British Museum.


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Tayto Visit 2019


On 8th January the two Year 11 Business Studies classes travelled to Tandragee to visit the Tayto factory as an educational visit based upon the subject area of production. The aim of the visit was to investigate production methods used by companies such as Tayto.  This helps the students to consolidate the information that has been taught in class. The visit was accompanied by Mrs McGurk, Mr Francis and Mrs McIvor.  


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Business Studies Students Visit Tobermore Concrete 2018


Lower Sixth students attended their annual visit to Tobermore Concrete on 16th October 2016. The visit commenced with a health & safety talk where the students were warned about the potential risks and hazards around the plant and then provided with their high-vis jackets.


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Ganaway 2017

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Year 8 recently enjoyed a residential at Ganaway. Rainey’s newest pupils had a brilliant time getting to know their new class mates.


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Technology & Design Pupils Visit Coca-Cola HBC Ireland

Rainey Visit Coca-Cola



25 per second. Thats how many cans of Coke that the Lisburn based Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company produce. Yes they can!


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Pupils from Food & Nutrition and Agriculture Club enjoyed the beautiful sunshine today at #Balmoralshow




Pupils from Food & Nutrition and Agriculture Club enjoyed the beautiful sunshine today at Balmoral; watching various demonstrations, cattle judging, trade stands and food samples.


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English Literature visit @SHHomePlace

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A2 English Literature pupils enjoyed a workshop focusing on Heaney’s use of the chorus in their A-Level text ‘The Burial at Thebes’. Before the workshop they had the opportunity to view the excellent exhibition at HomePlace. Thanks to Sheila Fullerton for another hugely successful event at this wonderful local resource. @SHHomePlace


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Yr 11 Applied Business visit @TheJungle_NI

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On Thursday morning, 2nd February, the Year 11 Applied Business class visited ‘The Jungle’ to collect information for their controlled assessment. Pupils are required to investigate entrepreneurship and Mr Robert Carmichael kindly agreed to complete their questionnaire and give a presentation on how the Jungle began and has developed over the years.


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Business Studies visit to the Tayto Factory 2017

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On Thursday 5th January the Business Studies students visited the Tayto Factory in Tandragee. The aim of the visit was to investigate production methods used by the company. This helped the students to consolidate the information they had been taught in their lessons.



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Wright Bus Visit 2016 @wrightsgroup



On Friday Friday 16 September 2016, AS Technology & Design pupils together with Mr Palmer and Mr Fields, visited Europe’s leading independent bus manufacturer – Wrightsgroup in Galgorm, Ballymena.
A tour of the factory floor gave us an insight to the many processes and stages involved in bus manufacture. This included composite moulding, various joining methods, painting and electronic installation on the production of both double decker and single decker buses. Many of the stages were demonstrated by our excellent guides, David and Ian.


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Technology & Design Pupils Visit Contour Global & Coca-Cola HBC Ireland




So how much technology and science does it take to produce a bottle of Coke? To find out, a group of form 4 Technology & Design pupils traveled to Coca-Cola HBC Ireland last week.

Our first stop was to see how the power is generated for such a large plant. For this we were the guests of Contour Global. Contour Global is a power generation company who have developed and commissioned a small power plant right beside Coca-Cola HBC Ireland.


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Paris Trip 2016

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On Sunday the 19th June we arrived in Beauvais- Tille Airport and transferred to Central Paris by coach. Once there, we walked along the Champs Elysées which is 1.9 kilometres long and 70 metres wide. It was along this beautiful boulevard that we had lunch in one of the many restaurants. Next we moved on to visit L’Arc de Triomphe which is situated in the middle of the Place Charles de Gaulle and is an impressive 50 metres high.


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Krakow 2015 Movie

Produced and edited by Daniel Bell

Ditty’s Bakery Visit – Form 5 GCSE Business Studies

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On 19th October, GCSE Business Studies students visited Ditty’s Bakery, Castledawson, in order to gain some essential information for their Controlled Assessment.  The visit started off with a question and answer session with Mr. Robert Ditty.  The pupils learnt about the origins of the company, how it has grown and recent innovations including producing chocolate (which was delicious!).

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Visit To Tobermore Concrete Products Ltd – October 2015

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Lower Sixth Applied Business and Upper Sixth A2 Business Studies students attended an industrial visit to Tobermore Concrete this month where they were given a very informative tour of the HESS plants.

During the visit, various departmental managers provided a detailed presentation in relation to the operation of the company. This presentation was ideally tailored to incorporate most aspects of the A2 Business Studies syllabus.

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Krakow 2015 Gallery

Technology & Design 6th Form Visit Emerson

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 12.39.20


Keeping your cool can be tricky sometimes. Ask any large food retailer, especially when potentially thousands of pounds of food stock is at stake.


Fortunately for them, and us, we have local industry on our doorstep producing compressors for refrigeration units keeping our food fresh. Astonishingly, Emerson in Cookstown are producing scroll compressors at a rate of 1 per minute!

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Technology & Design Students visit ContourGlobal

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 22.30.55
Technology is all around us. Everywhere we look we see the impact of good design and careful implementation. It impacts us every hour of every day. How we travel, communicate, work and learn is changing.


The food and drink we consume are not excluded. On Wednesday 16 September Form 4 Technology pupils travelled to the Coca-Cola bottling plant at Lisburn. But we were not there to see the popular fizzy drink being packaged. Instead we were guests of ‘ContourGlobal’, an electricity generating company, who were in this case, powering the Coca-Cola plant.


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Lower Sixth Field Trip to Portrush



On Friday 11th September, 30 Lower 6th Biology students and 3 teachers headed to Portrush for their annual fieldtrip.  We arrived at low tide and took a few minutes to familiarise ourselves with the shore and its inhabitants before getting down to business.  The intention was to gather information on the abundance of several seaweed species across the shore and to measure limpets.

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Biology/Geography Field Work

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 09.30.38



This week a joint Biology and Geography field trip took place. The trip included field work in the beautiful grounds of Lissan House and also a tour of the trout hatchery at Orritor road, Cookstown.

Pupils discovered how the breeding programme for fresh water pearl mussels and white clawed cray fish there are benefiting locally endangered species.


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Students from Rainey Endowed School represent the United Kingdom in Euroscola at the European Parliament in Strasbourg

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Students from 21 European countries took the seats of EU politicians for one day

On Thursday 5th February, the third Euroscola day in 2015 was held at the European Parliament in Strasbourg. Around 600 students and teachers from across the European Union’s member states were in Strasbourg. They came from Belgium, Czech Republic, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Malta, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom. Read the rest of this entry »

Year 11 Business Studies – Tayto Factory Visit

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Year 11 Business Studies – Tayto Factory Visit

On January 6th Year 11 Business Studies pupils visited the Tayto factory in Tandragee to view the production processes of one of Northern Ireland’s most famous brands. On the tour pupils learnt about the application of many of the topics they will study at GCSE including Computer Aided Manufacture, Health & Safety, Quality Management, Marketing, New Product Development and Stock Control. Read the rest of this entry »