Business Studies Students Visit Tobermore Concrete 2018


Lower Sixth students attended their annual visit to Tobermore Concrete on 16th October 2016. The visit commenced with a health & safety talk where the students were warned about the potential risks and hazards around the plant and then provided with their high-vis jackets.


Pupils had the opportunity to view the recent development of Tobermore’s fifth multimillion pound HESS plant and had the opportunity to see the implementation of computer assisted manufacturing into a wide range of processes.

The students also viewed their latest new products called Mayfair Flags that have the appearance of granite but are stone based products, hence reducing their carbon footprint.

Throughout the tour, students witnessed countless cost saving initiatives from the use of renewable energy to the construction of sheds to reduce the amount of plastic packaging. All new initiatives not only allow the business to minimise costs but also helps with reducing carbon emissions. The tour finished with a walk around their paving centre to see the merchandising of products with a very informative talk from their Commercial Sales Executive, Jonny Paul, a former Rainey Business Studies Student!

Finally, the students attended a very detailed presentation in relation to all the functional areas in the business. The presentation was ideally tailored to incorporate most aspects of the AS syllabus, allowing the students to relate theory in the classroom to a real life enterprising business. The finance talk was presented by Tobermore’s Assistant Accountant, Matthew Donnelly, also a former Rainey Business Studies Student!

Yet again, a fantastic industrial visit was organised by Tobermore. The Business Studies Department would like to thank Tobermore Concrete for providing a most informative, interesting and enjoyable visit!