Paris Trip 2016

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On Sunday the 19th June we arrived in Beauvais- Tille Airport and transferred to Central Paris by coach. Once there, we walked along the Champs Elysées which is 1.9 kilometres long and 70 metres wide. It was along this beautiful boulevard that we had lunch in one of the many restaurants. Next we moved on to visit L’Arc de Triomphe which is situated in the middle of the Place Charles de Gaulle and is an impressive 50 metres high.


At the base of the decorative arc we saw the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Our next attraction was Panthéon which is a magnificent Mausoleum which took a grand total of 32 years to build! Our final attraction on the first day was Les Jardins de Luxembourg. This park with laid out gardens was built in the 17th century and is an ideal place to go if you want to relax, it was beautiful.  Exhausted we travelled to our accommodation and after dinner we went up to our rooms to try and catch up on two nights’ worth of sleep!


The following morning we were up early and ready to see even more of Paris. After breakfast we travelled to the Louvre Museum. This art museum was established in 1793 and is part of the stunning Louvre Palace. It is a magnificent museum and is home to the very famous Mona Lisa! After eating lunch in the Louvre’s Food Court we visited the Tuileries Gardens which is yet another peaceful and picturesque garden which was opened to the public in 1667. After wandering around these beautiful gardens we moved on to visit Place de la Concorde. This public square is 359 metres long and 212 metres wide. It also contains many fountains and statues for everyone to enjoy. Next we visited Les Invalides which is a group of buildings containing museums and monuments remembering the military history of France. We finished off our day by visiting The Paris Story which gave us lots of detail about Paris’ history and famous attractions. This was followed by an evening meal at the Hard Rock Café. Everyone went to bed after dinner looking forward to the following day, Euro Disney!


On Tuesday the 21st  June, we woke up full of excitement, buzzing for the whole day at Euro Disney! We travelled by coach and arrived early in the morning and got stuck straight in. Firstly, we went to the Disneyland Park and had 3 hours to enjoy some of the best rides ever! My favourite ride in Disneyland was Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril, which was a really fast rollercoaster with a few loop the loops! We were able to get around most of the rides and then we had the opportunity to have lunch at the Disney themed cafés and restaurants, which were situated on the massive Disney Street where the parade would be held later that day. We had the opportunity to buy a few Disney items and then went to the Walt Disney Studio Park, where there were some more amazing rides. I recommend going on the Tower of Terror, which was scary but so much fun! My favourite ride in Walt Disney Studio Park is the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, which was a rollercoaster that was in the dark and went from 0 to 100kph in less than three seconds! We had the opportunity to buy a few more Disney items and then watched the parades full of Disney characters and floats, before heading to Planet Hollywood to have our evening meal (which was delicious) sadly ending our day in Euro Disney. Although all the days in Paris was amazing, Euro Disney was definitely the best!


On Wednesday the 22nd June, the first day of warm weather, we went to The Palace of Versailles, a magnificent palace built by the famous king, Louis X1V, known to many people as The Sun King. We also visited the impressive palace gardens which has an enormous lake and waterfall. We then went to McDonald’s for lunch.  That afternoon, we travelled by coach to central Paris where we visited The Defènse and went to a large shopping centre nearby. Next we went to The Trocadero where we got a stunning view of The Eiffel Tower.  We then walked for The Trocadero, past The Eiffel Tower, to River Seine. We went on the Batobus River Cruise across the beautiful river and saw some of the famous bridges and attractions in Paris. After the relaxing boat trip, we went for an evening meal in Pizza Hut. In my opinion, Wednesday was definitely one of the best days in Paris!

The final day was spent mostly in Montmatre, an area of Paris containing the famous Sacré-Cœur. Many of us had characteurs done by the world famous street artists outside the Cathedral including Miss McKay. We all watched with delight as the artist captured her perfectly! Soon it was time to board  the bus and head for home.

Exhausted we arrived back at Rainey and to our parents in the early hours of friday morning. Thank you to all the Teachers who shared our trip for such an amazing time and of course to the City Paris.  Nous vous adorons!


Catherine, Naomi and Nicole – Form 2