Tayto Visit 2020

On 7th & 9th of January the two Year 11 Business Studies classes travelled to Tandragee to visit the Tayto factory as an educational visit based upon the subject area of production. The aim of the visit was to investigate manufacturing methods used by companies such as Tayto.  This helps the students to consolidate the information that has been taught in class.


Pupils were accompanied by Mrs McGurk, Mr Francis, Mrs Leslie and Miss Murphy.  On arrival we were welcomed by the staff and of course, Mr Tayto himself!  We were given a safety briefing and provided with very glamourous aprons and hairnets in order to adhere to strict health & safety regulations.  It was amazing to see how reliant the business is on its use of technology as well as seeing the sheer scale of production in the plant.  Tayto has the capacity to manufacture 1 million packets of crisps each day! It was also very encouraging to see how responsible their production is and how much they actually recycle, from the starch taken out of the potatoes to the water used in the production process.  Students had the opportunity to ask further questions and of course, sample products which were very tasty!


After a huge amount of tasting, the students all received (several) packets of crisps to take home.  The visit was informative and very enjoyable for students and staff.  We very much look forward to going again next year!  Many thanks to Mr Francis for organising the visit!