Paris Trip 2019



Day 1 – After our early start from school (1am) we arrived in France. A short coach trip from Beauvais airport later we were in central Paris and our first stop of our trip. The Arc de Triomphe. We weren’t just here to see this amazing monument, we were also to walk to the top to take in our first view over Paris. At the bottom again we saw the eternal flame and the grave of the unknown soldier.



Sadly, we later gazed at the Notre Dame which had almost been destroyed by fire a few weeks prior. We later visited the Pantheon and saw its amazing pendulum suspended from the roof. An exhausting first day over we went to our hostel where we had our dinner before joining our roommates for a well-earned rest!


Day 2 – After getting ready and an amazing breakfast we headed off to see the Eiffel tower. This tower is 324m tall from bottom to top. It was much busier than I expected and such an exciting place to be. We took lots of photos over Paris having taken the lift to the top floor. Next, we visited Les Invalides which is a group of buildings containing museums and monuments remembering the military history of France. In the late afternoon we went on the bateaux Parisian river cruise which was a great way to relax before dinner at Pizza Hut!


Day 3 – In the morning we went to see the story of Paris, a short movie summing up the history of Paris and its most famous landmarks. This mini theatre was right beside the Lindt shop so we just had to take a look and sample some of the chocolate. Then it was back on the coach to visit The Palace of Versailles, a magnificent palace built by the famous king, Louis XIV, known to many people as The Sun King. We also visited the impressive palace gardens with its enormous lake. Our evening meal was at the Hard Rock Cafe and was absolutely delicious!


Day 4 – This I think was everyone’s favourite day – Disney day! This amazing day was spent going on rides, eating sweets and meeting Disney characters. We got to go to both parks, Disney land and Disney studios.
We had the opportunity to buy some Disney items and then watched the parades full of Disney characters and floats, before heading to Planet Hollywood to have our evening meal (which was also delicious) sadly ending our day in Disney. Although all the days in Paris were amazing, Disneyland Paris was definitely the best!


Day 5 – The fifth and final day in Paris was brilliant. We visited the Montparnasse tower and at the top we could see all of Paris for the last time on our trip. We also managed to fit in a visit to the Louvre to see all the paintings, and of course, one very special painting, the Mona Lisa and her mysterious smile. After lunch we went to see the Sacré-Coeur cathedral in Montmartre. Many of us had characteurs done by the world-famous street artists outside the Cathedral. We also went to some tourist shops to buy some last minute presents!
If anyone is considering going on this trip I would say go for it because it was an amazing experience. I made new friends and saw things I might never have ever seen. The trip was incredible. J’adore Paris!


Amy Brown – Year 9